Columnist Coulter in hot water over voting


**WEST PALM BEACH, Florida (AP) – Conservative columnist Ann Coulter has refused to cooperate in an investigation into whether she voted in the wrong precinct, so the case will probably be turned over to prosecutors, Palm Beach County’s elections chief said Wednesday.

Elections Supervisor Arthur Anderson said his office has been looking into the matter for nearly nine months, and he would turn over the case to the state attorney’s office by Friday.**

Yet another example of the absolute tragedy that voting in Florida has become. Every account I have read tells that Coulter showed up at her correct polling place, but left when told she needed to fill out a change-of-address card and voted at the Indian Road precinct, where she had filed her address the same as her Realtor’s.


i cannot stand ann coulter, she is sanctamonious, and a hyopcrit.
i hope she gets busted, the press will have a field day with this.


You hope she gets busted because you can’t stand her? How odd. Maybe she should get busted if she is guilty no matter what anyone’s opinion is of her. And if she is not guilty then she should be fine.


How uncharitable. I don’t care for her comments on many things, but it is uncharitable to hope someone gets :busted". If she is guilty, she should be punished. I prefer to wait and see what the FACTS are.


that is NOT what i said so don’t put words in my mouth…maybe it is uncharitable, but so were her actions over the widows of 9/11 don’t you agree? she lamb basted them and didn’t even feel 1 second of remorse over her actions why would i feel any remorse for a woman who has hurt these people? alright, i take back, if she is found guilty, then perhaps she will re think her actions on how she treats people. i edited my post because you obviously found it to be uncharitable, so i took it back. i still don’t like the way she treated those women. not alot of people liked the way she treated them.


Did you read Godless? It made me gain a whole lot more respect for her. Read the entire chapter on “Crying, Hysterical Women.” Regardless of the way she says things, she does speak the truth.


she has hurt those families, and she ought to apologize for her actions. if the rest of us can apologize when we hurt someones feelings, don’t you think she ought to be humble enough to apologize to them? or is she exempt from apology?


Not at all, Mary. Being busted means being arrested. It doesn’t mean convicted.


She did not “hurt” them… she exposed them for what they are… no apology necessary when it was they themselves who wanted the attention and they themselves who were the ones exploiting a situation for personal reasons and personal gain.

I agree… a full reading of her book is no less than an eyeopener… and then anyone is welcome to agree or disagree.



dis she not write her book FOR personal gain???` of course she did, she wrote it to make money for herself did she not?? has she donated any money from that sales of the book to charity? or to families of 9/11? if so please provide a credible link.


One doesn’t have to read a book to have an reasonable opinion. I haven’t read “The Story of O” nor “Tropic of Cancer” yet I can nevertheless make a judgment about them.

The woman’s reputation goes before her and is an indication of what she writes.


She is a speaker and a writer, so obviously she expects to be paid when she does either. Her claim was that the four(?) widows were using their lot as grieving widows for financial gain. A bit of a difference there.

As to her donations to charity, if she is a Christian, she should have done so privately and there shouldn’t be any links even if she has made sizable donations.

I’m not a fan of hers but feel that some are trying to hold her to a higher standard than they would set for themselves.


you know what gets me? is people can come on here and blast Madonna and get cranky when someone has an opinion about Ann Coulter. Now that is totally unfair. I’ve seen people here blast Madonna on her crucifixion thingy, and myself, I also opposed it. I have an opinion, and it is valid like anyone elses here. I do not approve of what Ann Coulter did, nor do I approve of what Madonna did a spade is a spade. They both acted badly and in different ways, but just because Ann didn’t do what Madonna did does not mean that one cannot hold an opposing opinion about her. Yes, I was harsh, but why is that may I ask? Why? people here stated that Ann Coulter told the truth about these women out for personal gain, but what do you think she did by writing her book? personal gain. Or did she send all the proceeds
of that book to charity and families of 9/11? i doubt it. she is a hypocrite in my opinion, and why? she says they were out for personal gain, and yet what has she gained from the sale of her book? money. personal gain. see the point? its hypopcritical and that is all there is to it, and at the same time, while she was out signing copies of her book making millions did she ever stop to apologize to those families? not that i heard! she had fun making money too didn’t she? sure she cannot say something about someone when your doing the exact same thing your saying about others, out for personal gain.


wrong. there is no difference, and why? because she wrote a book, made a claim that these women were using their lot as grieving widows for money, and she does the exact same thing with the financial gain. she writes a book, and goes on tons of talk shows and makes money off it. she is no better than anyone else. she makes public appearances for the book to make money, she wrote about this to make money, so in fact, she was using their story to make money for herself.


We had a very long thread on it at the time. Many people didn’t agree, oddly enough. I wasn’t one of them.



perhaps… we are all entitled to our opinions whether we like others opinions or not, we are entitled to them. we all don’t agree on issues to some extent, and this is obviously one issue i wont agree upon, but oh well. i have said my 2 cents worth, and that is all i can say about it. i get blasted i get blasted. there are people who support ann and those who don’t. my 2 cents is done.


Perhaps you misunderstood what I read - or rather I ought to have avoided double negatives :o

Some people here were willing to defend Ms Coulter over her comments on the 9/11 widows. I certainly wasn’t, I thought they were downright horrible.



Easy now … It seemed to me that your first post was saying you were looking for her to be busted because of your dislike for her rather than on the facts of a case. As if you were saying “Good, she’ll finally get hers.” If that’s not the case, then cool beans. You don’t like her, and you don’t have to. Peace.


nope… not because i do not like her. so as you said, it is “cool beans”.


Gee, I did not know that.

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