Combination of the Liturgy of the Hours? Sin?


As we know it is a sin (I believe mortal) if a religious or priest were to purposefully and willingly neglect praying one of the hours of the Divine Office. There may also be some illicit forms of praying it (I suppose if they changed the hymn or psalms without provision? or perhaps skipped a part.) I think my main question falls into the latter. If a religious superior of an order had decided to pray the Liturgy of the Hours in a certain way that was illicit, would have to be obedient even though that was the case?

But my main question is this, If a religious superior decided to combine two hours (excluding the Office of Readings) would that be licit? Let’s say the decided to combine Terce and sext (mid-morning and mid day prayer) or sext and non (Mid day and Mid afternoon)? a step beyond that, what If they decided to combine all 3 daytime prayers? My question is, would the superior or those under him be culpable of sin for following this practice?


Let me clarify, what I mean is if a superior made this the practice would you be sinning by taking part in illicit LOTH practices? If you are obedient does that clear you of guilt?

What I mean here is that I know the Office of Readings can be combined with any hour but I’m talking about other hours being combined. Let’s say you woke up at 9 (terce) could you combine the Office of Readings, Lauds (morning) and Terce (mid-morning)? after all the time limit to have morning prayer done by is 11am.


Your not a religious so no matter for you eh?

As for combining such - one must look to the Document in the beginning of the book that explains what and how to combine hours if such is done.

As to a religious other than what I noted there - one would also look to their constitutions, directory and superiors.


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