Combined Episcopal Catholic Parish -not the Ordinaraite

What a wonderful example of Ecumenism-2 Priests 2 Bishops 1 Congregation-

Overall in the Episcopal Church over 10% of members are former Catholics-this appears to be a wonderful concept

what do RC think

Wonderful effort of the Church reaching out and worshiping together. The separate altars will hopefully be a short-lived obstacle to full unity of Anglicans and Catholics.

Could you give the source for the section in bold?

Quite remarkable.


The video is also an example to Catholics that their collects, readings, Gospel/homily, proper prefaces, etc are the same in Episcopal, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, etc.

Great insight; thanks for sharing.

Not a fan of this. At all. We need to work for the conversion of the Episodically Church, not pretend like we are one.

I think the separate altars illustrate quite clearly that no one is pretending we are one. In fact, it is a remarkable, visual, and sad reminder that we are not. Pray for the day when we are.


I’d like to see kneelers, a rail, and worship ad orientum.


not a good idea…especially if you know the history of how the Anglican church came to be (a certain Martyr named Thomas More can attest to that).

And where are the pews? Are there only padded seats?

I agree with the one comment…

This is false unity and compromises the principles of the Catholic Church in order to pretend some kind of link exists between us. The Church has given Anglicans a path to unity and it is called Anglicanorum Coetibus. If this parish is serious about unity then they can join the Ordinariate, and enjoy the fruits of Anglican liturgical patrimony together with true Catholic belief.

Love it! :heart: Thanks so much for sharing! I held my tears!

I am exhausted of seeing Christians fighting among themselves, when atheism and even paganism are growing exponentially. Some people lost sense of the true Enemy.

I’m not a fan of this at all. This only encourages the thinking that we’re all in the same league, just playing for different teams. If I believed that, I would have stayed in the Episcopal Church instead of discerning God’s wishes and doing His will. In many ways it was so hard to leave. And while I knew that I could live without being a Catholic, the question really was could I die without being a Catholic.

At the time these two congregations came together, the Episcopal Church was still prolife, though there were rumblings to change that. That Church still regarded homosexual actions (not orientation) as inherently immoral. That Church’s leadership still opposed any effort by government to impose secular mandates on any religious groups, including the Catholic Church. Those are all social justice concerns that the Catholic Church still believes in but not anymore the TEC.

Prudence calls for re examining our collaborations based on the different current situation.
My guess is that this parish does not provide the strong message of the sacredness of unborn children, sacredness of marriage and religious freedom that other Catholic parishes provide.

In light of this, one wonders what the response to this is by the USCCB, or the Vatican?


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Interesting to see that I commented on this video over a year ago. Was this shared here on CAF before? I still stand by that assertion that this is a false unity.

Also, someone needs kneelers, chasubles, and a crucifix with a corpus on it.

I want ad orientum, too.


Sheesh, now EVERYONE will want ad orientem, now that even Francis is doing it! :cool:

Yes, even I wish the worship environment was more in accordance with both Catholic and Anglican standards. Looked like two Lutheran pastors con-celebrating if that is possible :smiley:

Uhm, on close examination of the video it seems that the man identified as a Roman Catholic priest is concelebrating with a non-Catholic clergyman. That’s… highly illicit. My other liturgical concerns were mere annoyances, this is a huge red flag.

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