Combining career in sciences and catholic faith

do you guys have ideas of any place to work that combines cahtolicism and science?

i’ll be graduating university soon so am looking for some ideas

What is your major?

There are many Catholic hospitals which employ laypeople in service to the sick.

The Vatican operates two advanced astronomical telescopes.

There are Catholic publications which employ journalists.

What is your major?

If you are into teaching that is one option.

general science major, with a double minor, one in biochemistry and one in kinesiology

definitely not in to teaching

Hmmmm. My wife graduated with a degree in biology, with minors in microbiology, zoology, and chemistry. She found her options very limited. She would have preferred to work in microbiology, but her degree was not acceptable to various licensing boards. She was eventually able to secure employment in chemistry, working as a lab technician, but this did not require her educational credentials (meaning she could have gotten the job even without her degree).

You can’t do much with your degree if you are not interested in teaching. You could perhaps pursue additional academic credentials in physical therapy, building on your kinesiology minor. PT is a growing field that cannot be outsourced.

Congratulations, I suspect with a degree like yours are ready for a break. I would urge you to consider your job hunt with a focus on getting a job that is in your field and if you are fortunate to be within a Catholic organization consider it a blessing. No matter where you work you will have an opportunity to show those around you how your Catholic faith brings you peace and happiness. In these economic times narrowing your job hunt to those two criteria could mean not being employed quickly. Praying for you to be successful.

Work anywhere, just BE a good practicing Catholic. Your goodness will shine through your work, your work ethic, and the ethics you bring to the work.

I have found after nearly 20 years in the biotech/pharma/medical device industry that my faith has NEVER been an issue in my profession. I suspect when it comes to faith, a career or industry doesn’t matter unless you allow it to.

Fulton Sheen said, "“There are not one hundred people in the United States who hate The Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they wrongly perceive the Catholic Church to be.”

The same could be said about science and scientists, when it comes to faith in the field of science, and faith of scientists, for I would submit to you, There are not one hundred people in the United States who know for a fact that science is a bastion of atheism and most scientists are atheists, but there are millions who don’t understand that many scientists firmly believe and accept that science is a gift from God allowing us to understand His creation.

Good luck with you job search!

In biochemistry, you could look into quality control positions. Kinesiology, as was mentioned, could lead to something in the PT field but might require more training. As to teaching, it is just as well you don’t care for it. In many academic settings you would be pressured to indicate that you go with the “flow” no matter what you teach. (personal experience) It would call for a willingness to deal with that reality, but if you are not called to teaching you don’t need to. People with the inner joy and outer behavior of Catholic Christian faith are needed everywhere.

If you are interested in getting a PhD, you can do research using methods which are not offensive to anyone, such as adult stem cell research or umbilical cord research. By setting an example, you can encourage others to do the same, and hopefully in the future people will forget the kind of research offensive in the eyes of His Majesty our God and King, the Divine Physician.

Yes, you can. The world needs Christians all over the place therefore find a field which you will love and go for it. Depending on the field, you may or may not be able to actively preach your faith or evangelize the people around you but St Francis once said, practice your faith always, use words as necessary.

Hopefully you can find an area which you will love.


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