Comcast buys Time Warner Cable for $45 billion


Comcast buys Time Warner Cable for $45 billion


Comcast said Thursday it had agreed to buy Time Warner Cable for $45 billion in a deal that would combine the two biggest cable companies in the United States.

If the deal is approved, the combined group will be the country’s dominant provider of television channels and Internet connections, reaching roughly one in three American homes.

Analysts say the consolidation could help Comcast to compete with satellite providers like DirecTV, wireless phone companies like AT&T (T, Fortune 500) and new streaming services like Netflix (NFLX).

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I’m trying to imagine ways in which this would not be a bad thing… :hmmm:


Well, they are two of America’s most beloved corporations. Who among us has an unkind word about either company, or the service they provide?

By joining forces, they can maximize what they do. :slight_smile:


Very funny! Seems goofy to me, since Comcast served our area before Time Warner took over. Now I guess it goes back again to Comcast. Reminds me of a game I used to play - Monopoly! I wonder if they will keep the former Steeler’s coach for those non-stop TV commercials?


this is NOT good news for my parents and I. We are both stuck with time warner (the only other option is satellite tv and we had that for two years at my family’s country house and it was mostly QVC and HSN type channels…very few GOOD channels). Internet already costs $52.99 a MONTH (and their email still only gives 100 MB! Good thing I use Gmail) and with this merger, it could get much much worse - TWC has a monopoly on Cable TV in my city.

I’d drop cable, but this is how I get internet other than my Smart Phone, plus I DO watch EWTN and other cable channels fairly regularly. There are programs and movies I **can’**t stream on HULU or NETFLIX.


According to Huffington Post, Comcast and Time Warner are the two cable providers with the worst customer service. Comcast, Time Warner Cable Deal Is A Disaster For Customers…/comcast-time-warner-merger-customers_n_47
4 hours ago - The history of mergers suggests customer service might only get worse for these two companies. Coupling companies typically struggle to knit …


So Comcast who owns NBC and MSNBC now owns CNN. Does this mean anything for the future of CNN?


We are both stuck with time warner (the only other option is satellite tv and we had that for two years at my family’s country house and it was mostly QVC and HSN type channels…very few GOOD channels).

Comcast wants more money for more channels, and there are NO good channels except for the ones I could probably get with an HD antenna or watch on the internet for the most part (PBS; EWTN; C-SPAN 1,2,3).

If you’re a Sports fan, Comcast provides plenty of that as long as you’re willing to pay a bit more each month.

In my opinion, Comcast is a big time money grubbing racket, grubbing money from you, the Consumer at every step.

As soon as I get the time to test an HD antenna and maybe pick up a Roku Box, I’m dropping Comcast Cable.

The channels on Comcast mostly repeat the same movies each month (LOTR, Gladiator; Iron Man over and over and over) and the same commercials.

Comcast a few years ago also had an official Comcast Community Forum, and, I swear, in my opinion, its Moderators allowed all sorts of offensive Anti-Catholic threads and Anti-Catholic comments from the participants to be posted, and took very little action to stop it.

Comcast ended their Official Comcast Forum a few years ago for whatever corporate business reason.

In my opinion, Comcast is one big rotten company. :takethat:


I do understand their argument that Comcast and TWC pretty much aren’t competing with each other at the moment anyway. Any place I’ve ever heard of seems to have one or the other. If you want cable in that area, that’s who you have to go with already. In that respect, not much would be different, I suppose.

They keep charging more and more for less and less. They are arguing that a combined company would have more bargaining power and thus be in a better position to negotiate lower prices from the studios and networks. Maybe… I’m kind of skeptical about that, though.

With only one cable company in the area, there’s pretty much only one choice for internet, though. I know there is DSL, but since I don’t have a landline with which to bundle things, I’d end up paying the same for a worse connection.

I’m still irritated at Comcast for scrambling their signals and forcing people to use one of their converters. The days of simply plugging the coaxial cable straight into the TV are sadly gone.


This is one thing you don’t have to worry about. CNN is not part of cable system being purchased by Comcast.

You can still get more than one source of leftist biased news.:wink:


Save us Google Fiber, you’re our only hope.


Wonderful news for Time Warner stockholders.

But where did the $45 billion come from? Isn’t it nice that the Fed though the banks finds indirect ways of putting people out of work, creating monopolistic entities, raising prices inter alia.


Part of the $45 billion no doubt came from the fees Comcast charges subscribers. And, yes, it is “nice” how the Government puts people out of work, creates monopolies, raises prices, while lowering quality, sends good paying jobs to wherever.:shrug:


I wonder what this means for ‘media black outs’? Will less people be in on the decision process on which topics to black out now, or other way around?

Personally I think all blackouts are a bad idea, news is news imo, but when big corporations own the media outlets, I guess they can decide what is news and what is not. LOL

I often wonder about things going on in the world, but we dont get to hear about. The mass violence against christians comes to mind first, I only learned of this on CAF, Ive not once heard it mentioned on ANY media outlet, mainstream or otherwise!


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