Comcast vs EWTN

EWTN charges Cable systems Nothing to carry it.

Yet, Comcast not only puts EWTN in the digital range but also places EWTN in a premium package with several unrelated networks.

Thus, here in Atlanta EWTN essentially requires not only Digital Converters but about $12 more a month… for a fee channel.

Due to the number of channels carried, I could give them a pass on the digital but not the profiteering on a free channel.

Is there a movement to change this?

Is the church taking a position?

Is there an appropriate contact at Comcast.
Customer (No) Service is extremely unhelpful.

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In a previous thread, someone noted that EWTN does not include break spots for local commercials. Perhaps this loss of revenue is why your local Comcast charges for EWTN.

Unfortunately, there is no legal requirement for Comcast to do otherwise. We have options. Write letters of protest. We could do like our protestant brethren do. Cough up more for contributions to the network so they could pay the fee to Comcast for the placement in the regular lineup. Or we pay for digital cable.

Don’t cable systems normally have to pay for content? I would guess that’s part of the reason they charge us. Yet here is free content, and still they charge for it!

The part about not having commercial time slots is likely true though. When it comes to television, you are the product, not the customer. The stations want to be able to sell your eyeballs to the advertisers. All the stuff between commercials is just to keep you hooked.

Okay, I have to disagree with line of reasoning here. I am Catholic and happen to LOVE EWTN. I also happen to have Comcast and can’t wait to we get another option so I can drop them…but let’s try looking at things from Comcast point of view. They are a business. A business that provides TV programing. There are possibly hundreds of thousands of people interested in viewing EWTN, which is good for advertising dollars. Since it is a free product and one that is well liked, where would you put it? In every basic package? No!! Same reason they don’t include HBO, Showtime or even Disney in every basic package. The better programing is simply more expensive. This bodes well for EWTN as well as Comcast. Each can say to their particular audiences that EWTN is a premium product. It is a premium product! Be thankful, and pay the $12.00:shrug:

I’m not a lawyer, but … Is EWTN the only religious channel assigned to the $12 digital tier? Do you know other parishioners who agree with you (VERY important)? With as many of you as possible, try the following:

  1. Contact EWTN’s SPENCER SWOPE, Southern Regional Marketing Manager, at 205-795-5848 to let them know of the problem.
  2. Contact Comcast’s Philadelphia HQ at 215-665-1700 to let them know of the problem.
    If ignored by Comcast,
  3. Find a copy of your city’s franchise agreement to see if it has any discrimination clauses to help when you each
  4. File a religious discrimination complaint at city hall against Comcast’s practice of requiring Catholics specifically to pay extra for access to their religious programming.
    In southern Illinois we’re having a problem with Mediacom even remotely considering adding EWTN, and Mediacom has gone out of it’s way to prevent carriage of EWTN. I don’t know if it will work, but steps 3 and 4 are starting to look necessary when the traditional methods of requesting a channel by mail and phone are ignored.

I don’t think it would fall under discrimination rules concerning the placement of EWTN. Catholics are just not ready to put their money out for the product. TBN gets tons of donations from their viewers adn therefore buys the right to be on the regular tier. Comcast reserves the right to do their business based on profitability.

monopolies will do whatever monopolies please.

Actually, not good for advertising, since Comcast can’t sell ad time on EWTN. Same with HBO, but HBO is not free to Comcast, while EWTN is. But with no ad dollars from either one, they are going to charge a premium for the channel.

You might be better off to be patient, wait and let Comcast know that you know you may soon have another option for EWTN. AT&T, I believe, treats EWTN ok.

“New State-wide Cable/Video Franchise Law Approved
The Georgia General Assembly has approved and Governor sonny Perdue has signed a state-wide cable/video franchise law. The new state-wide franchise allows cable/video providers to by pass Local Franchising Authorities in obaining franchises with local governing authorities. The new state-wide franchise is effective July 1, 2007. The state-wide franchise was designed to provide competition and lower cable/video rates. AT&T is working to introduce its new video services in Georgia some times this fall or early 2008.”

Yes but it was always my suspicion that AT&T supported abortion and gay rights. To buy into their system would be immoral would it not?

That’s a tough choice. To me, unless there was a specific Church request to avoid a company, I’d personally consider the company that did not deny Catholic rights. Contact EWTN and/or priests for more informed opinions than mine on AT&T. I’d at least let Comcast know that you and other Atlanta Catholics will soon have another option.

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