“Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

I’m trying to think of some ways that Jesus’s call to Andrew can benefit us. What would a good “fisher of men” be like?

My father took me fishing occasionally, but I never got really good at it or even cleaned my own fish. Maybe others have more ideas on this or have more experience fishing for men or fish.

Here are some things I can think about how to fish for men:

  1. know your fish: what bait will attract them? (God has many different kinds of lures)

  2. you go to where the fish are. Like Jesus went to where the sinners were – and was a Guest of both rich and poor.

  3. do not spook them. Do not let them know you are some alien creature in their pond. Keep your mouth shut – use words only when necessary.

  4. know your fish: don’t try to set the hook until they’ve had a chance to swallow the bait

Of course, as a friend posted on another site, some would drop a stick of TNT into the water, then scoop up the dead fish as they float to the surface. :stuck_out_tongue:


I come from a long line of fisherman! :smiley:
And still occasionally fish for recreation with the hubby,
and the one thing I can think of that fishing can teach us is PATIENCE!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, it is not a lesson that I learned well! :wink:

It’s a good topic :slight_smile: The points you bring up are best

I can think of

  1. Anyone who is willing can be taught how to fish

  2. You have to actually go fishing to catch fish, they don’t usually walk up on land and present themselves.

  3. Fish have to be cleaned after being caught

  4. Some spots are better fishing ground than others

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