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Well everyone here seems to be tooting their faiths as the one true one so let me explain Universal Reality Parallelism its simple and elegant. Science has shown using cutting edge phsyics Parallel Universes are likely to exist even if we lack the technology to prove it. I note this as the debate over Black Holes Astronomers and Physics at the time knew they had to exist it just took time to get to the point to prove that. The same problem exists now in fact for this.

So basing a faith path on the likely prospect of there being nearly infinite and continuously created universes an odd fact arises - all dieties and all realities are true somewhere in the Fabric of Reality. An example I like to use being a science fiction fan is somewhere there really IS a world where Superman and the Justice League exist. And all dieity concepts are equally valid. For example there must be one planet where everyone is Roman Catholic, another where everyone is Mormon and so forth. And yes even the Old Ones of Lovecraft hold sway and others that don’t have religion at all.

Although with the faculty of creativity there should be in this some bleed in the Universe where elements of these other realities influence our world, that would explain the amazing and odd ideas that come up. Star Wars and Dune and other sparks of genius come from this. Essence of the Universes slipping into our consciousness here on our planet in our universe.

Oddly I must accept dieties exist its necessary since all realities are valid all dieites are valid ,somewhere, I can’t see this proving one diety which I find unlikely save peculiar universes cut off on its own. So in a way I’m compatible with all of you and in fact have no problem with a devout Roman Catholic joining my Sanctuary as a ordained ULC clergy, the same for other faiths.

I’ll admit I’m having fun with my site below but I don’t think this has to be so serious, part of this is to explore reality and the complex issues of there being maybe millions of each of us on millions of Earths in millions of parallel universes. An idea no one seems happy about among Christians when its brought up.

Well that is my faith and that is why I’m a Prophet as the founder on a mission to bring enlightenment to the human race as to what the truth really is.

WOW!!! :hypno::eek::hypno:

Another close flyby of the mothership…

I really see no reason to dismiss anything you say here. Nothing as wild as anything else I suppose in comparison. I wish I could say that anything you said was so contrary to what God could be/do/is/wants

But, I can’t.

Even though I can’t see anything to object to based on attributes given to God, I still am going to have to take a pass. But, I like your presentation. A plus for that.:slight_smile:

I’ll pass thankyou.

Gabriel of 12;

Hey prophet Libertarian? Here is a letter from St. Paul; Can you interpret this sacred scripture for me please?

Galatians 1:6-11"I am amazed that you are so quickly forsaking the one who called you by the grace of Christ for a DIFFERENT GOSPEL not that there is another. But there are some who are DISTURBING YOU AND WISH to PERVERT THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST. But even if WE OR AN ANGEL FROM HEAVEN should preach another gospel other than the one that we preached to you, let that one be accursed

I’ll pass…


…but this I like!

The I that lives in this universe thinks that in this universe the teachings of the Catholic church are true. Since this is the only universe this version of me inhabits, what may be going on in the infinity of parallel universes is unimportant to me. I place my trust in the God of this universe.

You’re actually not allowed to proselytize Catholics here, but maybe CAF will make an exception in this case! :stuck_out_tongue:

When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing - they believe in anything.” - G. K. Chesterton

Porn warning:

Wow, that was amusing, actually I’ve already been held abreast along the science behind it, and yeah, the universe itself is an odd thing indeed when you place what we are beginning to discover into context. These new so called revelations again show the scope of how mighty, how large God truely is, way beyond mans measure.

Keep in mind, with the discoveries, there are no alternate counterparts of ourselves out there, only different layers, or might you say dimensions that may exist, when it comes down to it, when we speak of heaven, it itself is another dimension so plausible logic is not tossed away along discussing the two co-existing concepts. To misconstrude it into an actual belief system in kind to religion, you gotta take a step back from yourself and realize you are worshiping the created, not the creator which in turn is worse then worshiping and believing in nothing.

If you spend just a little time studying philosophy and logic you’ll quickly learn that relativism by definition is false and not truth…certainly not the real truth.

I pray you find The Truth through The Real Gospel of Christ Jesus.

Me too. See, Louie? We do agree on some things. :smiley:

I dunno guys. I mean, eternal salvation through Christ’s sacrificial love is great and all, but… you know. Superman and the Justice League! How can you beat that? It’s pretty sweet.:smiley:

Can you waite I must get my hat and get out fast

Thanks for the heads up.

That could be a great embarrassment. I uploaded the smiley from Libertarians’ website, so it should explode on him first :slight_smile:

Then we could call him libertine :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in as long as superman is real, and get to drink some kind of kool-aid. In all honesty, why should we accept your version of the True Faith and I see that you have an extensive membership of 1 at this point, how can we test your Truth?

:sad_yes: It’s a cross between wanting to laugh, roll eyes, and feeling extreme pity.

On a serious note; Libertines’ view is becoming widespread, when Man makes himself a god, with new scientific knowledge called “Enlightenment”. This is another new way to worship the creation instead of the creator. No longer with false deities of animals, birds and the such, but today with scientific studies and the unknown which is another word for “Atheistic” faith.

Just a thought;

I do appreciate the invitation to visit CAF in the links page, among other groups…:rolleyes:

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