Come and See Weekend at the Seminary?


The seminary (Kenrick-Glennon) of my Archdiocese (St Louis) is holding a "Come and See Weekend" in late November. I have felt the calling to priesthood for quite some time now, and I think it's time to start thinking seriously about my possible vocation. Have you ever been to a Come and See weekend at your seminary? If so, what goes on? Thanks for the input in advance! Please pray for me.

God Bless


I never knew this was done Kyle. Sounds like a great time. If you truly have a vocation it would seem pretty neat to be able to take part in something like this. God Bless


it depends on the seminary but what goes on at my seminary , is you will show up probably on a friday afternoon, you will move into your room for the weekend, then you go to Evening prayer with the seminary. After that you will have dinner, then you will probably have some type of talk after that, after all that is over the come and seers get together and do night prayer which many times is optional. (to do it in communion) Then you go to bed

Saturday you wake up for morning prayer, and then possible go to mass right after (it depends on your seminary) then the rest of the day I can't really remember will consist of talks reflection time prayer, and so on and so forth. Evening prayer later in the evening more talks and Night prayer and Bed.

Sunday morning prayer again, then you go to mass with maybe a couple other things, then after Mass you have lunch with your parents more then likely if they choose to come then you are home free for the weekend.

Its a great exoerince and will for sure help you discern what to do

BTW assuming its a friday through sunday your schedule may look something like this

Arrive 4:30
5:15 welcome talk
6:15 Evening Prayer
6:30 Dinner
7:30 free time (usually planed social activities)
9:00 Option Night Prayer (maybe mandatory)
11:00 Lights out

Breakfast begins 7:00 am
8:00 am Morning prayer and Mass with Seminarians only (depends on the seminary)
10:00 am talks
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 Free time (more planned social activities
4:00pm more talks
6:15 Evening prayer
6:30 Evening prayer
7:30 talks or free time
11:00 Lights out

breakfast beings 7:00 am
9:00 am being emus walk (pretty much you get to talk one to one with a seminarian about your life and your thoughts of priesthood, depends on the seminary I would hope yours does)
11:00 am Mass
12:00 Lunch

This is a very rough schedule from my memory, Its been two years since I have attended a come and see, and we haven't begun to talk about this years come and see.

Weekends are usually very open for seminarians if they don't have anything planned

For example

this was my weekend,

7:00 breakfast
7:30 Morning Prayer
8:00 Schola
9:30 Formation Class
11:15 Mass
12:00 Lunch
1:00 common work (I did this but it only happens once every 5 weeks)
2:30 health and weakness (I do this on all weeks but on common work weeks)
5:45 Open Forum (first one we have don't know about how often it happens
6:15 Evening Prayer
6:30 Dinner

8:00 Morning prayer and Mass in spanish
9:00 Football practice (optional to play on the team but if you are on you have to play)
12:00 lunch
6:15 Evening Prayer
6:30 Dinner


8:30 Morning prayer
10:00 Schola
11:00 Mass
12:00 Lunch
6:15 Evening Prayer
6:30 Dinner.

so I have no idea what you will be doing because closed weekends as we call it here are very free for seminarians on purpose they want us to study.


I believe it is just a weekend as a seminarian. I am doing the same thing this weekend, except I planned it with the rector. It's a chance to see what it is like and to ask questions. You will be praying and attending mass with the seminarian


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