'Come on, you didn't know you were at a witchcraft thing?' Nuns roar back at 'disgusting' Katy Perry who 'couldn't recall' attending Salem's 'Witch Walk' during a confrontation to protest her purchase of their former convent


The Hollywood Reporter now reports that judge Stephanie Bowick issued a ruling on Tuesday (March 14) that the nuns “did not have authority to sell the property to Hollister” and “nevertheless failed to validly consummate the transaction. The deal documents were not properly documented.” Bowick upheld a previous ruling made in April 2016. Perry’s bid for the property now needs final approval from the Vatican.
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This interview from the Daily Mail that was published before the judge’s decision with the nuns is VERY interesting. Among other things, they straight out accuse her of practicing witchcraft:


'I gave a lot of the things from the internet to show the Archdiocese what kind of woman she was.

‘Some of the things she does are disgusting.’

She hit out at the ‘I Kissed A Girl’ star in the wake of a judge putting on hold again the decision that could either clear the way for Perry to buy the property in LA’s Los Feliz, or leave the issue up to a jury.

Recalling a meeting the sisters had with the singer, Sister Callanan said: 'She brought her mother Mary to the meeting and I just thought, ‘Oh God help us.’

'Katy Perry was all dressed very nicely and said: 'I have this tattoo on my wrist and it says Jesus.

'And I wanted to say, ‘yes and what is the tattoo on your behind?’

The nun also quizzed Perry on remarks she had made about ‘selling her soul to the devil’ when she moved from Christian music into mainstream pop.

Speaking from her new home at St Bernadette Catholic Church in LA, she said she asked Perry what she wanted to do with her life.

The star responded: ‘Well I don’t know, that’s why I want that property because I want to go down and sit down and drink green tea, and just go to the meditation garden and just meditate.’

Sister Callanan said: 'I just thought ‘oh brother.’

According to them, she also denied she was into witchcraft. Also according to them, the archbishop who intends to give the property to Perry has no right to do so----and they intend to take this up with the highest court in the Vatican.

I say, good for them. Perry is well-known In certain circles to be part of the “elite” who worship Satan.

But read the entire articles. Comments welcome.

Hope the sisters prevail. My prayers for them from all here (hopefully). Hope everybpdy here in some form or another puts them and their cause in their prayers. Through the prayers of the Mother Of God, have mercy on us and save us. Amen. :signofcross::signofcross:

Oh, good grief. Do you know her? Are you part of the circle of elites? Slander isn’t a positive virtue.

:eek: :nope: That’s an uncharitable thing to say.

I was simply stating what many people have said in may different ways over the years. Not all, but many music artists and actors in Hollywood and elsewhere are known to be involved with occult forces and occult organization and to push Luciferian-type messages through their songs and videos. You only have to look a t lady gag to see that. Most of her videos (ex. “Bad Romance.”) are loaded with demonic, pagan, and occult symbolism and messaging. “Born This Way” basically advocates for an androgynous/fluid sexuality/trans-humanist future. you only have to go to YouTube or other websites where people are able to decode and interpret these symbols to get the truth. Just take a cursiory glance at “esposee” You tube videos about this and you may not be so critical of me after that.

Same thing with Rihanna. “Umbrella” references “entities” and the “Rain Man” which happens to be a nickname for The Devil. Coincidence? Other videos she has made are chock-full of things like that. She has been accused of Satanism and so has Katy Perry. Her videos (I.E., “supernatural”) have overt occult and trans-humanist themes. Kanye stars in that video and his videos are also full of occult, satanic messages. (Remember “Power?”) It is not like I am alone in saying this…

Even the good sisters accused her of this. And they say they have reason to. And I believe them. PLEASE read both articles thoroughly. IOW, let’s just put it this way-----I am repeating what other people who I consider to be truthful, Christian, and in the know, so to speak, have said about her. If you don’t believe it, that’s fine. But I am not the only one who has spoken about this. So do not dismiss me as another religious nutcase.

Let’s just put I this-----MANY (whom I consider honorable, truthful, Christian people) have said she is involved in devil-realted stuff. her and many others in the entertainment/music community.

Does that satisfy you? And do not pretend you have never heard of this regarding these people before. :blush::shrug:

These tirades are why very few people take religious people seriously.

It’s absolutely, absolutely ridiculous and makes you sound highly irrational.

Pop songs are made solely to be catchy and make money. No demonic agendas, no occult popstars. You don’t know these people and you need to stop judging them based solely upon music they don’t even write.

I agree with what you say, it’s old news to me. But I unfortunately don’t see it gaining much traction. People just have gotten too desensitized to all sorts of occult symbolism today to care, or else they’re in denial. One can only hope that this will stop as the nuns go to higher and higher tiers.

I strongly disagree with that. The fact that so many people think this way today proves how clever they have been in this deception, Satans greatest accomplishment was to convince mankind he does not even exist.

Absolutely. Has anyone played Stairway To Heaven backwards lately?

Speaking from her new home at St Bernadette Catholic Church in LA, she said she asked Perry what she wanted to do with her life.

The star responded: 'Well I don’t know, that’s why I want that property because I want to go down and sit down and drink green tea, and just go to the meditation garden and just meditate.'

Sister Callanan said: 'I just thought 'oh brother.’

I’m puzzled by this part of the article.

Another great accomplishment of his was the creation of mass paranoia, judgmental people, etc. You can blame everything on Satan, but sometimes you need to realize your errors too.

Not quite if you have strong circumstancial evidence. Go through the videos, appearances, or also goes to places like VigilantCitizen’s web site (who’s a Christian) who can interpret this very well. Then see if it’s just a coincidence. Not everything is Satan-related but where there is smoke…:rolleyes: :shrug: :shrug:

If you go out looking for something, you’re almost certain to find it. If you watch something thinking, “I bet if I pay attention I’ll see some subliminal satanic messaging” then you almost certainly will, whether it’s there or not, because you’ve already decided to view it through the lens.

Just because someone is Christian doesn’t mean they are inherently correct on all spiritual matters.

You’re looking for Satan-related things in lyrics and music videos so that you can advocate against said lyrics and music videos, feel like you’re doing something. You aren’t on a higher moral ground for thinking something is demonic; you’re merely at a higher level of paranoia.

  • “When you look for the bad in mankind expecting to find it… - you surely will.” Abraham Lincoln?
  • He was the president.
  • Yes. Yes, I know. But I never heard that before.
  • Neither had my father.


Hmmmmm … I’m pretty sure that the post acarlson was responding to said “Perry is well-known In certain circles to be part of the “elite” who worship Satan” not “Lady Gaga is well-known In certain circles to be part of the “elite” who worship Satan.”

Have you added logic to the list of things that you’re against? :hmmm:

Thank you for the subtle insult there; you are doing the same thing you are accusing me of; being uncharitable. If there was a mistake, it was done in the heat of me typing this. And I do not see a mistake-------I was simply putting LG out there as another example of celebrities who are accused of doing the same thing as Katy Perry. Sorry I offended your sense of logic. As a fellow brother in Christ, I apologize. And thank you for your charity. :mad: :mad:

Look, I don’t care if you believe me or not----I was simply stating my opinions and also sort of explaining why the nuns oppose Katy Perry. Personally, I don’t think she should get the mansion------but if you do, that’s fine with me. I just think the nuns are right on this. And celebrities like Katy Perry are examples of what is wrong with popular secular culture today. Let’s just leave it at that. :thumbsup:

Yeah, ruined me needle doing it though. At least with the members of Zeppelin (or some of them) you could make a more convincing case of them been into the occult as Jimmy Page was fairly outspoken about that at times. But even then people went into a media frenzy of a very silly kind about Devil worship. After all it also sells records so sometimes musicians are slow to correct people doing it and it has long been a part of popular music, witness the ludicrous old blues story of selling your soul at the crossroads and the Devil tuning your guitar…

Ludicrous is right: That’s actually a racist theory long since debunked: nobody back in the “good old days” could believe a blues guitarist could be so gifted and talented; in fact, I believe he was Christian.

Most of the comparable sentiment today seems to imply women artists can’t be talented. Lady Gaga is tremendously talented. Katy Perry’s first album was actually gospel & CCM, and her dad’s still a church pastor: not many people realize that.

I never read the entire book, but I think ‘Hammer of the Gods’ about Zepplin, was pretty good evidence what they were involved in, and how they became so popular and successful.

And really it doesnt seem that far fetched that Satan would grant people some success or kind of help them along in certain ways, if he thinks they will be able to sway millions of other people away from God/ religion/ the truth, etc. Its no coincidence everyone that thinks like this is labelled a nut job or a wacky conspiracy theorist…that is the easiest ways to hide what is going on, its actually very clever, has worked very well for them.

Also keep in mind, as far as I know Bohemian Grove is still open for business so to speak. I think if we were learn how they work their way into everything, we would be astounded, Id say some of the things they do are so subtle, not many folks could spot the agenda, but it is there.

Agreed. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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