Come to think of it, are we the only ones that God takes care of in this universe?

Could it be possible that life outside earth exists, that Genesis only refers to the earth’s beginnings?

Because remember “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” could mean that the beginning of heaven was universal for all, but it could be possible that before he made this solar system, God could have had similar activities on other planets as well.

I mean, could God possibly be currently making another planet somewhere in this universe and starting another series on that planet?

But on this subject, could it (*gulp) have been possible that aliens came to earth long ago and were thought to be God and angels?

Scariest part is, why do we point up to the sky when we say “God”? Why is the Bible heavily based in the middle east? And why is it that God isn’t visually active as he was in the past?

Sorry, but this one really knocked me off. :frowning:


Up is away from the ground, earth, it’s really that simple.
Because that was God’s chosen region to start everything off at.
God is as active as He was in the past. He makes Himself present for us at every Eucharist. He forgives us in the confessional. He works through His Church.

Christ descended to Earth which places Heaven above. God never leaves his creation, our existence is dependent upon on him and he communicates to us through the Church, Scripture and Sacraments. It just happens that what is contained in them is not so popular with modern man.

BTW, what exactly do you have in mind when you say God isn’t visually active?

As an astronomer/astrophysicist, I’d have to say it is very, very unlikely.

The distances between the stars are so vast that it would take a very, very long time to travel anywhere. We can’t travel anywhere near the speed of light, but even if we could travel as fast as light, it would take us over 4 years to reach the nearest star, even with improvments in technology, you are looking at journey times of thousands of years. This means that space-faring alien races, as in Star Trek etc, are probably impossible.

Also, it took billions of years for life on this planet to evolve into beings that could think and rationalise. The likelihood of a species on another planet being at a similar point, even if much more advanced, at a time that would have allowed them to visit in the last 10,000 years, is so close to zero as to be safely dismissed.

I am not saying that we are the only intelligent life in the universe. I am sure that there are other planets out there with intelligent life on them. I just don’t think they are popping down to visit. That is why searches like SETI search for transmissions using radio telescopes, rather than looking for spacecraft. I don’t think that UFOs are alien spacecraft are buzzing our skies, there are thousands of amatuer astronomers around the world, who go out ever clear night, and often during the day, and look at the skies. None of them have seen these supposed spacecraft. That is because they know the sky and don’t mistake the planet Venus, which can get bright enough to cast shadows, and is often low in the sky in the evening or early morning, for some alien spaceship about to kidnap them. It is interesting that reports of UFOs, especially ones that seem to “follow” someone in their car, always go up when Venus is making a bright evening apparition.

We point at the sky when we say “God” because that is where the Sun, Moon and stars are. The Sun and Moon were extremely important to pre-historic peoples, as darkness was dangerous, wild animals could sneak up on you and eat you. The light given by the Sun, and to a lesser extent the Moon, gave a level of safety. The stars were mysterious, and there were some that didn’t stay still, but wandered among the others. Why did they do that? We know these wandering stars are the planets but to our ancestors, it must have seemed that the “heavens” were where the gods lived.

There are probably many reasons why God isn’t as visually active as in biblical times. Our society is very different, and we express things differently. We also have much more interaction with other people than biblical peoples could ever have dreamed of. Today, if God wishes me to know something, there are many ways for Him to communicate that to me, I could read it in a newspaper or online, hear it on TV or have a conversation with a person from a different culture. These would have been impossible for those living in biblical times, so more direct intervention was probably nessecary. Also, we express things differently. If God gave a person in biblical times an inspiration, they would express it as being from an angel. They may even have seen one. I’m not saying they were lying, but that we are different to them.

Another explanation is that medical conditions like temporal lobe epilepsy (which can cause visual hallucinations) etc are much better understood and controlled. So if I see a mysterious figure, my first thought is “Rats, a seizure!” not “It’s an angel!”.

I have to say that alien visitation, now or in biblical times, is so unlikely that you can rest assured that it isn’t an explanation for religion.

I am sure that it is possible for life to exist somewhere other than the Earth. Genesis only tells us about life on Earth in the same way that it and other books of the Bible only tell us about the history of Israel. That isn’t because other countries didn’t exist, but because God was only telling the Israelites their story, not anyone else’s.

There are hundreds of planets around stars other than the Sun, so we know there are other “solar systems”. God may well have caused life to arise and evolve on numerous other planets. It may also exist in very simple forms (like bacteria) on other planets and their moons within the solar system, such as underground on Mars, in the sub-surface oceans on Jupiter’s moon Europa or Saturn’s moon Enceladus.

As we speak, there will be other planets around other stars slowly forming. There may well be life slowly evolving on different planets, those that have already finished forming, around different stars. Just as God doesn’t tell me about my neighbour’s prayers or spiritual life, God didn’t tell us about other planets and their stories.

I find the fact that there are other planetary systems and they are of such wonderful variety, helps me to love God, He made a wonderful, mysterious, surprising universe. Isn’t that appropriate for a wonderful, mysterious and surprising God?

That is absolute nonsense!!

I mean, some people say that aliens from above whose civilization could have been millions of years old could have been thought to be God, and they killed any experiment that would go wrong (like Onan, for example). They say that those are aliens that go from planet to planet to bring civilization and order into worlds.

Others would say that God is a supernatural being, but he traveled in big metal ships.

I mean why does Ezekiel explain an alien-like creature?

I still believe in God as a supernatural heavenly Father, but if there’s something that seems odd, I’d usually ask.

“They say”. Who are these famous “They say” people?
Sorry but your comments are just nonsense.

On the one hand, if we are the only ones, it seems like an awful waste of space (thanks for the line, Carl).

On the other hand, it is His space. Maybe He just wanted us to look at it and go “O-o-o-oh!”

Just sayin’ . . .

Certainly it’s possible.

I found it quite offensive and irrational in the recent film *Paul *where both the Christian and the atheist characters took it as axiomatic that if one extraterrestrial life form is doscovered to exist, that ipso facto proves that there is no God!

However there is not enough evidence IMO to say either that extraterrestrial life is possible, or that it’s impossible.

Funnily enough after totally rubbishing Christianity and all religion as irrational, the film’s heroes, as so many do in real life, ask a charcater in hushed tones, “Are you a believer?” - in extraterrestrial visitations that is. And these people actually think that they’re smart.

OK, those who say that there could have been a civilisation who travelled from planet to planet etc, are ignoring some basic facts. First of all, travel times. It doesn’t matter what technology you have, the laws of physics place restrictions on how fast you can travel. Travel at, or faster than, the speed of light is impossible. Using a “warp drive”, like in Star Trek, requires more energy than exists in the universe so that is out. If an alien civilisation wanted to get here, it would take tens of thousands of years.

Second problem, how is this civilisation that has survived for “millions of years” (that’s longer than there have been humans or even human-like creatures) going to communicate with our primitave ancestors? We can’t even communicate with other mammals, like dolphins, and we share a planet (and lots of common DNA) with them. What possible basis for communication could there be?

If they were supposed to bring civilisation and order then they really messed up. A civilisation that lasted millions of years would have to have exorcised war and violence from their society. In just a few thousand years, our technology has give us a weapon that could wipe out most of the life on this planet. A race that could travel between star systems would have technology that could destroy a planet or even a whole star system. In order to survive with that level of technology, they would have to be peaceful, on all levels from the individual to the species as a whole. Why would they have created a society that was as violent as the one we read about in the OT?

The creatures in Ezekeil couldn’t be aliens, they are too much like life on Earth. Aliens are not going to be anything like us. They are not going to stand on two legs, have two arms, two eyes, one mouth etc. Look at the variation here on Earth, why would intelligent life on another planet be anything like us?

People want aliens to be wise and benevolent beings we can look up to and worship. Stop worrying that aliens are the explanation. The ideas you have given and the ideas of groups like the Scientologists are impossible, all the evidence we have shows that. You say you believe (and love) God. Trust Him. The ideas you’re worrying about are fantasy.

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