Comedian Defends 'Achmed the Dead Terrorist' Puppet Routine Against South African Ban

Thursday, October 02, 2008
By Joshua Rhett Miller

Funnyman ventriloquist Jeff Dunham is fuming after a ringtone advertisement based on his popular comedy skit, “Achmed the Dead Terrorist,” was scrubbed from South African TV because it mocks Islam.

The ringtone was taken from a puppet routine performed by Dunham, a native Texan, in a TV special on Comedy Central. A 10-minute clip of the comedian’s routine that was posted on YouTube has been viewed more than 66 million times since April.

Click here to see video of Dunham’s act with Achmed the Dead Terrorist.

But the government of South Africa doesn’t think it’s funny. According to, South Africa’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that a GloMobile ringtone commercial featuring Dunham and his puppet was offensive to Muslims.

I agree. The routine stereotypes Islamic suicide bombers. After all, they are people, too… or were anyway.

Since terrorists are the reason none of us can get on a plane without taking off half our clothes, living under severe restrictions as to what we can carry-onto the plane, and enduring so many other indignities while travelling, I guess I won’t lose any sleep over a little stereotyping. Besides, Achmed’s signature line, “*Silence! I kill you!” *hasn’t been so effectively delivered since I used to hear my 5th grade nun say it.

Achmed the Dead Terrorist is HILARIOUS!

all of his puppets are funny

“can you stop a speeding bullet?”

I LOVE Jeff Dunham!
The funniest part of the Achmed routine is when he stares out at the audience & says, “Are you my virgins?”

But my fav is Walter, a grumpy old guy who says he’s getting a job as a greeter: “Welcome to Wal-Mart. Get your sh** and get out.” I’ve seen grumpy-old-guy greeters at Wal-Mart who were probably thinking that.

I hope the average muslim knows the difference between a muslim and a terrorist - without having their government define it for them. I would hope they feel that terrorists are an offense to Islam.

But I’m only hoping.

There’s a sequel! Achmed does his own Christmas carol, “Jingle Bombs” :smiley:

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