Comedian Paul Rodriguez Says He's a Closet Republican, Supports Trump


Paul Rodriguez – one of the original Latin Kings of Comedy – says he’s sticking his neck out on this one, but is willing to take the heat … he’s a fan of Donald Trump , although he’s had it up to here with his antics.

We got Paul Monday at LAX and asked if he felt his jokes needed to reflect the political climate with Trump openly attacking the Hispanic community … especially the caravan of migrants heading toward the southern border.

Surprisingly, Paul says no. In fact, he tells us he’s actually a Republican … and mostly backs DT, aside from some harsh language. Check out his explanation on what policies of Trump’s he supports and why – it’s pretty enlightening.


Well, I don’t particularly care what comics/actors/musicians say about politics. I don’t appreciate the left expressing their views when all I’m looking for is entertainment, I hope the right doesn’t start it too. I’m glad if he’s Republican, but it’s not news I care about.


You have to be really brave in Hollywood anymore to speak out in favor of Trump.
There probably are more out there, but they see what happened to Kanye.
I daresay Paul Rodriguez and George Lopez (hope I have his name correct) are not friends.


Many actors and actresses in Hollywood know they’re almost blacklisted if they’re Republican, Conservative, or especially if they’re pro-life.


I’ve not met anyone who determines their political views based on what a celebrity says.


Well he’'s rich. If a rich person wants to hold on to as much of their money as possible it makes sense for them to be vote GOP…


If many didn’t, they wouldn’t use hollywood and athletes to stump for candidates. You and I may not know any, but there are apparently many who do.


From the people in politics I know, they ask celebrities to appear at rallies to increase the attendances.


I can see that, but why do they stump in commercials and ads then? I am sure there have been sociological studies that highlight how efficacious having celebrities promote a cause or person is or isnt.


Can anybody name ONE outspoken pro-life Catholic actress in Hollywood (who is at least semi-famous)?


Patricia Heaton


Thanks for your suggestion. I greatly respect Patricia Heaton for her outspoken views on the Life issue. However, I’ve read that she has not practiced Catholicism for many years, though. I could be wrong, though.


Good job, StRaphael (and Jeanne)! I was unaware that Patricia Heaton returned to the Catholic Church. Great news, and thanks for the info.


Thanks, Jeanne. Someone posted proof (below your post) that you are correct about Patricia Heaton returning to the Catholic Church.


It is the opposite of courageous for an entertainer to bash President Trump. Trump-bashers are rewarded in Hollywood, whereas Trump supporters are vilified. It is cowardly to attack Trump, and courageous to support Trump in Hollywood.


The Hollywood Trump bashers have threatened to go on strike unless we also bash Trump.

I, hereby, accept their strike.

I need plumbers, doctors and typists; not yet however have I needed an actor or entertainer.

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