Comedian to Take Aim at Hypocrisy, 'Christian Right' in New Show

Political commentator and comedian John Fugelsang is developing a primetime show on Current TV that will tackle politics and religion, particularly taking aim at the “Christian right.”

This doesn’t surprise me in the least. And people say the mainstream media isn’t biased. :rolleyes:

If I’m honest, it really is your own fault. You’re too easy to make fun of…

Must be why a back-bencher comedian is going for the low hanging fruit?

I’m underwhelmed.

Christians are in pretty bad shape if they can’t take being the objects of humor. Must Christians all be dour crepe-hangers who need to be protected from the big, bad world? I hope not.

I never said that. All I said is that the media is obviously biased.

This is what all bigots claim.

If you ever read some of the greatest minds in the world like St. Augustin or St. Thomas Aquinas, you’ll see who really has the last laugh and who really is the fool.

You’re just really funny a lot of the time. At least, the really fundamentalist Christians are. There are some users I could point out on this forum and I shan’t name names, but they’re the sort that go on about secret Homosexual Agendas or Liberal Bias hidden everywhere. They’re great. Very funny.


No. You should really snap out of if. :smiley:

This coming from the guy who considers Polack jokes a mortal sin?

If you read the article, it’s not in the vein of Mel Brooks’ “The Christians are so poor…they can only afford one God!”,…

its more of the insidious, Huffpo blogging, Real Time with Bill Maher guesting “Here are why (right leaning) Christians are hypocrites and hateful people” vintage.

What? I’m sure they were extremely intelligent men, yes. It’s the modern day fundamentalists that are funny.

Yeah, I’m one of them. You don’t have to name names. I already know that I am one of the ones that you are talking about. So what?

Nothing. You can say what you want. I am, however, allowed to find it funny.

Neither would do well at a good Comedy Club. :smiley:

Besides, it’s not a matter of the comedians having the laughs, but of the audience rolling in the aisles. There are a few saints who were fast and good with jokes, sometimes at their own expense.

Of course you are allowed to find it funny. You can find anything I say funny for as long as you want. I really don’t care. I’m not going to stop believing what I believe and I’m not going to stop saying what I say.

Not a sin; just an occasion to start a fight and see if I can finish it. :smiley:

Lighten up. Puleeze!

I was taught that it wasn’t nice to make fun of other people’s beliefs.

Well, I hope this show doesn’t start picking on Polack Catholics. There sure are a lot of them in this country. :smiley:

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