Comedians that don't make you laugh

My friend and I were discussing this last night. Who are some comedians that simply don’t make you laugh?

My first few-Dane Cook, Jay Leno, any of the “Blue Collar” guys and George Carlin (sorry, I know he is an icon, but I’ve never thought he was as “brilliant” as everyone says. He is no Bill Hicks or Lenny Bruce!)

Sometimes Louis CK doesn’t make me laugh. Most of his stuff is funny but every once in a while I’ll just be stonefaced when I watch him.

Pretty much everybody in the OP (in my mind, George Carlin was a pioneer because he pushed boundaries, not necessarily because all of his bits were great), Denis Leary, Colin Quinn (pretty much any of the “Tough Crowd” people, actually). Sarah Silverman, 99% of Chris Rock’s material, pretty much every comedian who plays the guitar at any point in their act (when/why did this become so popular? Is Tom Lehrer really such a big influence on people? Do they think they’re going to be the new Smothers Brothers?), etc.

Don Rickles.

Ellen DeGeneris

David Letterman. Smug $^*))(&% “If a stupid person gets Alzheimers, how can you tell.” That was some years ago, and I immediately turned off his program and never went back.

Chelsea Handler*

Ricky Gervais. can’t stand him. Is he known in the US?

Sure is. But probably not in the same way as he is across the pond.

David Lettermen seems smug to me too!

You know what they say about Dennis Leary-he is poular because there is “no cure for cancer”.

Colin Quinn DOES make me laugh, but not alot of others do on Tough Crowd.

And whoever said Ricky Gervais I want to embrace. I feel like the only other person in the world who just doesn’t find him funny. Not even a chuckle.

Here’s a hug :hug1:
Seriously, what is the deal? Why is he so popular? I just don’t get it.

I find Ricky Gervais incredibly annoying, so you can add me to that list of people, Rascalking. I really, really want to like “An Idiot Abroad”, for instance, because I love travel shows without perky young women hosts (Samantha Brown, can’t you stay home every once in a while?), but every single scene in which Ricky Gervais is shown or even heard (quite a few each episode, as he is one of the producers) is just him cackling like an animatronic funhouse witch and I just want to throw my remote through the TV screen. He’s so obnoxious. Ugh.

I don’t either. Doesn’t he seem really popular now? Like the “it” comic of the moment?

I think so. He is really successful. I find him so arrogant and obnoxious as the above poster said.
My favourite British comedian at the moment is Omid Djalili. Do you know him? He is funny and really likeable.

No, but I’ll check him out. Sometimes cross Atlantic comedy gets lost in translation, even if you guys speak the same language.

Someone or other said that the United States and Britain are two nations divided by a common language.

I dunno … but my English friends all come to the U.S. and my American friends all go to the UK.

Go figure.

Mark Twain? Or Oscar Wilde? I’ve heard this too. Funny.

It’s funny, I was born in the UK, raised here. I love Oscar Wilde, and can’t stand Mark Twain!

That’s one of the many saying I’ve seen attributed to Winston Churchill.

Seinfeld. Him and his entire show. I don’t get it.

Kristen Wiig. I think the entire current cast of SNL is marvelous–except for her. And yet, she is winning popularity polls like crazy. My brother thinks she’s brilliant. I just don’t get it. :shrug: I especially hate her portrayal of the girl with the big forehead and the tiny arms. We have a young woman in our parish who has that kind of syndrome (I’m not sure if it has a name), and it makes me mad that Wiig makes fun of people who are disabled. She’s also chews up scenes and I consider that unacceptable.

To the OP–I love Jay Leno and always have (way back when he had all black hair). He’s one of the most generous and well-respected men in Hollywood. Did you know that he’s been married to his wife (same woman) for over 30 years? He’s awesome.

Cat, I have NOTHING against Jay Leno the guy. I don’t like what happened to Conan (there’s a thread!), but I don’t have anything against him personally-I just find his act/bit monologue boring.

Bill Maher. You think Letterman is smug? Try Bill “Believers are all a bunch of idiots” Maher.

Richy Gervais. IS pretty obnoxious. Intolerant Atheist like Maher.

Ellen DeGeneres. Simply not funny.

Chelsea Handler. CAN be funny at times, but she’s WAY overdone the “I’m a drunk slut and proud of it” schtick she does.

Lisa Lampanelli. They don’t call her the “Queen Of Mean” for nothing.

Dane Cook. WAY overrated. Only occassionally funny.

Dennis Miller. Not funny anymore. More of a political commentator now.

David Letterman. Like others have said—smug—also can be very mean.

Wanda Sykes. Mostly “I’m Lesbian, a Democrat, an Obama supporter and everybody who disagrees with me is a homophobe and an idiot” material.

Sinbad. We’ve heard the “all kids are brats and you should beat the **** out of them” message one too many times.

Patton Oswalt. Unfunny.

Chris Rock. Not funny anymore.

Rosie O’Donnell. Never found her funny. Hated her on The View.

Those are some off the top of my head.

Hope that “helps.”

Actually—personally, I feel a good portion of today’s comedians are just not funny.

MY opinion, of course.

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