Comfort Edition


What is a Comfort Edition of a Bible?


I’ve not heard of a Comfort Edition but I have heard of the Confraternity Edition.

An online version of the New Testament of the Confraternity Edition (1941) and its companion publication, A Commentary on the New Testament (1942), are available online, here.


Thanks. This is definitely a Comfort edition.


Or, perhaps it is a Memorial / Tribute Bible such as produced by United Memorial, link.


That is exactly what it looks like, except it has Comfort Edition stamped on the front. Must be meant as a gift to someone who has lost a loved one?


One of the product photos on the United Memorial website shows a similar Bible with “The Comfort Edition” stamped on the front, here, at the bottom of the webpage. However, the photo is of their King James Version. Their order form says they sell Catholic Bibles and Protestant KJV (King James Version) Bibles.

The word “United” appears on the lower portion of the spine of the Bible in the ebay photo. That seems to stand for United Memorial as the word “UNITED” appears on the lower portion of the spine of one of the Family Bibles featured on the United Memorial Website, here.


One with notes by Ray Comfort?

Just kidding. :smiley: (Though that would be an interesting edition for sure; it’d probably have a Prayer to St. Kirk Cameron on the first page. :p)


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