Comic book creator Frank Miller is under attack

Comic book creator Frank Miller is under attack by the occupy wall street vermin and i think some of us can give him a little bit of support, you can leave him a comment on his blog at this link:
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PS. you guys gotta read “holy Terror!” IS ABOUT A SUPER HERO FIGHTING AL-QUEADA!

I am not sure what the OWS crowd is saying about Miller, but it would seem to be in response to his blog post last week in which he wrote very negative things about them.

I used to be a comic book and Frank Miller fan back in the early 1990s but haven’t really paid much attention to them since. I did see Sin City which I enjoyed. I am also not a supporter of the Occupy movement as I don’t think it has a clear message and that it promotes class warfare.

That being said, I find it hard to have sympathy for Mr. Miller. His blog post comes off as an angry, generalizing, and uninformed rant. He makes sweeping generalizations about the people involved in the movement that are likely unfair in many cases.

When someone publically states something surpassing mere anger and bordering on hatred I think they should expect a good deal of criticism.

Miller told the truth about the wall street freeloaders and when someone tells the truth it usually hurts, at least that what Jesus said … :smiley:

You, like Mr. Miller, are also making sweeping generalizations about the occupy protesters and I don’t believe that is fair. Not all of them are freeloaders or “vermin” as you referred to them in your original post. They have the right to share their views like every other American. I don’t agree with the general sentiment of the movement, but I don’t believe they are all bad people or should be wholly degraded.

Rock on man…Rock on.

yes they are they want everything for free and defecate in public, i don’t respect them or their cause, period

actually they are terrorist in my mind just look as how they terrorize little children trying to get to school, if Juliani was mayor i can guaranty you this stupidity wouldn’t be happening.
just look at this video at the bottom of this news page:

their all punks! bring out the water cannons and the tear gas, i say! :thumbsup:

^ what he said.

You are being quite uncharitable. Next time I see a couple of bad eggs at some sort of Christian gathering or demonstration I’ll be sure to say “All Christians are punk etc. etc.”.

I don’t really think all of them want “everything for free”. Some of them may, but you can’t pin this on the whole group.

I think they do raise a few valid points, the main one being that government and corporate America are tied too closely together.

oh yeah lets not forget rapist… cops can’t even go in there to help the women out cause it would cause a riot, maybe we shouldn’t hurt the feelings of these terrorist … we might start a riot or something.

like i said … bring out the water canons :stuck_out_tongue:

The vast majority of these people behave themselves. Like any other large group, there are always a few bad apples. I have not heard any reports of rape, but if there was I would certainly expect those in the crowd would prevent it from happening.

If you have a problem with the message of the occupy crowd (I personally do) by all means share that. Just because you disagree with their message does not mean every person in the group is a scumbag. Is every person who works for Penn State a scumbag because a handful of individuals were involved in a disgusting sex-abuse coverup?

I hope you are joking when you want the teargas and water cannons brought out. The First Amendment guarantees the right of the people to assemble peacfully; as long as no one is causing harm they are well within their rights. If you would like to take this right away it is quite sad.

I love his comments, except the ones about the military and all that stuff. Don’t buy into that.

But they were very brave comments to make. Good job Mr. Miller.

Miller’s increasingly become a parody of some of the figures he used to parody in his earlier works. His work has long ago jumped the shark also, some of his latest work for DC comics is jaw-dropping awful and you at times wonder is he serious or is deliberately satirising himself. I am thinking in particular of his recent return to Batman which has seen Batman engaging in child abuse and rough sex with anothe r female character in between bouts of telling us he is the ‘God-damned Batman’.

He has become increasingly right wing, which would be no problem if right wing meant reasoned and logical but much of his views on these blogs are consistent with other rants he has come out with. He has some points even in this rant worth considering, but because he (as others have said) issues a massively sweeping statement it’s hard to take him seriously. Also getting out the water cannon because people present points of view we disagree with? I shudder to read people saying that here.

I think the following panel which is from Miller’s recent work on one of the two characters (the other been one of the more notably Catholic superheros in comics Daredevil) he is most associated with may illustrate something about how his mindset has changed over the years. The panel below is from the last few years:-

Now these are comic books ultimately and I’ve never yet read a superhero comic book that even I die hard fan of the genre would call a literary masterpiece. That said like anything else there are varying levels of quality. Here’s Miller’s work on the same character 20 plus years ago:-

And Miller handling the aforementioned Catholic superhero Daredevil:-

This is a writer whos abilitiy to deal with the nuances of human beings and how they relate to each other seems to have sadly decayed. Whereas his compatriots who were feted at the time seem to have maintained a more positive view of human nature and potential Miller seems to have become very, very cynical and pessimistic as he has aged. I have no problem with dark heroes but heroes who are violent merely for the sake of it or who have rough sex with barmaids in costume and who beat up policemen because it’s ‘fun’ are not characters who are anti-heroes they are villains.

Amen to this: The Occupy Boston has mostly been peaceful and trouble-free. Much as I like Frank Miller and his work, I’m going to have to do the grown-up thing and agree to disagree with him on this.

As usual, my fellow “Blake’s 7” aficionado, agreed. :thumbsup:

I notice the spelling on my post you reference was awful. I should stop using an android smartphone to post as the onscreen keyboard is a pain in the bottom to type on. I should have bought one with a real keyboard but I got mine cheap as it was someone else’s unwanted birthday present and they sold it unopened on ebay.

Back to Miller. Back in the day Miller was one of the stars of comicbooks, especially the so-called ‘mature’ superhero comic. A concept I for various reasons find irksome as maturity often meant lots of sex and big guns when you had people aping and copying writers like Moore, Gaiman etc. and just copying their superficial style, often badly. Miller’s work then was at times great, some times a bit less than that. However in the last few years much of what he has churned out has been awful. Whereas Alan Moore and Gaiman (two of the other big stars in comics of that era) are still producing interesting and challenging stuff* Miller seems to be merely recycling his old stuff but it seems tired and flaccid now sadly.

*Even when I don’t always agree with say Moore’s stuff he produces something else that is challenging or is actually ‘mature’ such as From Hell.

By the way the story ‘Holy Terror’ the OP refers to was supposed to feature Batman, I’m kind of glad it didn’t given how awful the story actually is. If anyone does want to read a story of Batman facing terrorists which is considerably better written look up ‘Batman:Son of the Demon’ which was originally a hardcover graphic novel from the late 1980’s and is far, far better. It also incidentally sets up events that years later led to the current Robin been Batman’s son in mainstream DC continuity. A link to a page below for you just because I can’t resist this one with Batman concerned about the propriety of the marriage!

Miller has become something of a curmudgeon but whereas some other figures in comic books have also developed some er, odd viewpoints Miller is more publically well known as at least one major moview based on his work has premiered. Steve Ditko who helped create Spiderman also had his moments due to his objectivist outlook but despite creating Spidey he never became as well known outside the comic book world.

I DO agree that, while I agree with some of Miller’s opinions, he DOES resort to simplistic. one-dimensional “kill them all” thoughts most of the time. Witness Sin City and 300. I DO agree with some of hi thoughts regarding the war on terror, though.

Great comics genius----------------just do NOT be looking for a great philosopher in his works.

Or subtlety. :shrug::blush:

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