Comic Book Will "Marry Superheroes"

So much is going on with these comic books(gay marriage) but I wonder if anyone even buys them anymore.

Disney owns the comic book company. Marvel Entertainment. There is a number, address and petition in article.

“Northstar proposes to his boyfriend, Kyle Jinadu, a fellow snow sports enthusiast who possesses no superpowers.
The couple will seal the deal in issue #51, slated for a June 20 release.”

Satan wants our children. This is turning into a tsunami of deviancy.

It’s important to realize that this slowly, gradually occurred over a 40 year period. Drop by drop, the changes were so gradual, beginning in the media in the 1970s, that by the time of the late 1990s, too much poison had entered our veins. But then God brought us Pope John Paul II and, now, Pope Benedict. Things are beginning to turn around. Just don’t buy it.


I’m not sure whether children are the primary readers of comic books anymore, but certainly this is a bad thing.

Speaking of Bl. John Paul II, it’s sad that the same comics company that in the early '80s published a very respectful comic biography of him is now stooping to this level.

[quote=TM30] Satan wants our children. This is turning into a tsunami of deviancy.

We need Jim Shooter back. He didn’t put up with a lot of that nonsense.

Comic book characters don’t stay in comic books. They end up on the big screen and television and in Happy Meals.

I have the real details in front of me.

UPDATE: Here’s the age breakdown provided by ICv2:
13-17 — 1%-2%

18-24 — 14%-22%

25-34 — 37%-42%

35-44 — 27%-35%

45-54 — 7%-11%

55+ — 2%

But the goal is not to get older readers.

Free Comic Book Day

“helps foster a comic reading habit among young people.”


New blood, that’s what they want. And for those young people who see falsehood disguised as truth and their parents are unaware that that’s what’s happening in comics today, which are not the kinds of comics they grew up with - get the word out.


If you think THAT is bad, just wait, because I’ve heard that comic books will soon be published which contain one or more of the following:

-Children that disobey their parents
-Drug use

and much, much more.

This will mark a major shift in the themes covered by comic books, as they almost never contained any of these sinful activities before.

I’ve also heard rumors that there is this new playwright from Warwickshire that is producing works featuring incest and prostitution. This is an unprecedented development.

This is a unique time, never has Satan been working so hard to devour our children’s souls.

It’s pathetic that they will indoctrinate the youth and further enable the perverted slashers in their sickening idiocies.

It may seem unique, but let’s look back a bit. There were a few comics that contained drug use, murder, and theft. In the 1950’s, a book was published titled Seduction of the Innocent by Dr. Fredric Wertham, which was widely discredited.

However, in 1954, a Senate Subcommittee was formed which questioned William M. Gaines about his horror comics. The name of the comic book company was EC.

"Chief Counsel Herbert Beaser asked: "Then you think a child cannot in any way, shape, or manner,be hurt by anything that the child reads or sees?" William M. Gaines responded: "I do not believe so." Beaser: "There would be no limit, actually, to what you'd put in the magazines?" Gaines: "Only within the bounds of good taste." Sen. Kefauver: "Here is your May issue. this seems to be a man with a bloody ax holding a woman's head up which has been severed from her body. Do you think that's in good taste?" Gaines: "Yes sir, I do - for the cover of a horror comic. A cover in bad taste, for example, might be defined as holding her head a little higher so that blood could be seen dripping from it and moving the body a little further over so that the neck of the body could be seen to be bloody." Kefauver:(doubtful)"You've got blood coming out of her mouth." Gaines: "A little." [2]"

Source: Wikipedia

The Comics Code Authority was soon adopted by publishers and remained in force, with at least one exception, until the last publishers dropped it in 2011.

And let’s not forget the incredibly perverted ‘underground comix’ that featured the work of Robert Crumb in the late 1960s and 1970s. Fortunately, such comix died out.

A simple solution: don’t buy it. Inform others.


A big giant amen to that!! Jim produced the best comics.

The Comics Code Authority was soon adopted by publishers and remained in force, with at least one exception, until the last publishers dropped it in 2011.

Ed, at least one exception massively understates the case, the CBC was increasingly dropped as time went on and some of the rulings of the code were irrelevant long before 2011. Marvel and DC had been ignoring it in real terms for many years prior to 2011 and much of what was contained in it was no longer enforced in any case.

I know but vestiges remained until then. I also know that there is a hate campaign going on right now against the Code - still. And more perversion is being prepared to peddle to people who don’t know or care about the comics business. I don’t want parents falling into the trap of assuming that what they read as kids is still what’s being produced today.

The Comics Code is still needed, and my firm hope is that Independents will appear that will follow all of its guidelines. By the way, I know the actual sales figures for all of the major comic book publishers - the top 300 - for any given month. You’d be surprised how quickly the numbers drop from about 100 K to 10,000 and below.

The bright spot is movies like the Avengers that dispensed with most of the garbage.


I’d best not point you in the direction of the current Avengers comics then as the team has had some er, interesting moments over the last few years and one version of the current team has a secret agent who is a lesbian who acts as a liasion to Captain America at this point.

Yes, and I’m positive that those who write the comics and those that do the movies are 100% aware of what they’re doing. But thanks for pointing that out for the sake of all Catholics.


Actually she is one of the more interesting characters. Mind you if you wanted to characterise the Avengers negatively you could do it easily and one storyline in the comics did it in recent years with the media trying to give them bad PR. They pointed out the current roster has one convicted murderer, one known killer with a shadowy past, another team member who may or may not have been a criminal and so forth. After all even the 1960’s version of the team included two reformed terrrorists and a thief at points, not to mention an ex KGB agent.

How would you enforce that, realistically? I guess it would be something like those “Parental Guidance” warnings that appeared on rap cd’s back in the 1990’s?

As an addendum, I remember when I was a wee lad buying my favorite superhero comics that badge stating “approved by the comics code authority” always appeared on the cover*, and I had no idea what it meant or was intended to mean. It was only years later I read about the history of it and scratched my head and said “Aha, so that’s what that was.”

*(upper left hand corner, beneath if I remember correctly the rectangle containing the iconic superhero on it, whether that be Spiderman’s face or those of the Fantastic Four, etc.)

It’s unenforceable and the CCB isn’t coming back any time soon. I’d agree that the major publishers are killing the genre by publishing ever more navel gazing stories wrapped in endless pedantic interprations of continuity. DC has tried to break that by rebooting everything but as usual it’s done it in a half hearted manner and it’s now trying to glue wildly dispaprate universes together in a style that is problematic. I have real issues with having something like the ‘Authority’ and the JLA on the same Earth and I’m not overly sold on DC’s plans to redo Earth 2 with a possible killer Superman and Batman.

This whole business of “rebooting” is all very unnatural to me. But that said, where do they go from here? Especially considering that the fan base appears to be aging men, there are no longer any ads in the comic books, they are sold directly to comic book shops and not available on newsstands anymore, and the industry is regarded less as an artistic medium in its own right than as an incubation factory for movie ideas.

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