Comic books for kids

My 8 yr old son told my wife that he would like to start reading comic books.

Can anyone recommend an age appropriate comic that I could get for my son?


Classics Ilustrated? My grandson was also 8 when he requested for his first CI comic which was Count of Monte Cristo. Reading the comic helped develop an interest in reading the book version. Other CI comics followed, as well as book versions of those. Hope that helps.

FYI, I've found several "comic strip" protestant denomination Bibles for children at Goodwill.

Be aware of the liberties that protestant denomination writers will take with these comic books:

Heros of the Bible was produced by Evangelical Christians, as were the others, but it goes out of its way to present a view of Mary different from the Catholic Church. In the story of the boy Jesus in the temple the text says that Mary and Joseph had other children. In the story of the feast of Cana the text says that Mary ignored the protests of Jesus when she said, "Do whatever this man tells you to do."

A Catholic comic book on the martyrs:

There is a series of comic books on the lives of St. Paul and Judith:
But they are rated ages 12 and up.

The current market rates for new comic books are steep. When I was a kid most comic books were 50 cents and at most a dollar. The content in the books has also become very liberal promoting gay rights, women priests, premarital sex, etc. Please look through the books before actually buying them or giving them to a child.

There aren't many comic books for kids today. They have become infected with the liberal message. I suggest going to a comic book store and picking some of the reprint comics. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck stories from the past have been released again. You can also get them in book form. Just ask the guy behind the counter to point them out to you.

These classic comics are nonoffensive and simply fun to read. The art is very good too.


I would recommend comics from the BOOM Kids!,Marvel kids, DC kids or Johnny DC imprints.BOOM! kids publishes Disney properties like the Muppet show,Donald Duck and friends and Mickey Mouse and friends.Marvel kids, DC kids and Johnny DC are both from the two major American comic book companies Marvel (creator of charachters like Spider-man,Iron man and the Fantastic Four) and DC (creator of characters like Superman,Batman and the Flash).Marvel kids has series like Marvel adventures which has Marvels famous characters like Spider-man,Iron-man,the Hulk and are intended for younger readers like young children.DC kids has series like DC super friends,Scooby Doo,Looney Tunes.Note: I've noticed that this imprint publishes series that are the same as that of certain TV series like "Young Justice" probably because DC is a division of Warner Bros. which is a division of Time Warner.See,comics books are actually rated with Marvel having it's own rating system(, all ages being appropriate for everyone) and so does DC.I'm not to sure if they have there own rating system (I think they might have but I dont know what it is).I would'nt really recommend getting a normal Spider-man or Batman comic.They can get fairly inappropriate at times with gory scenes and fair amounts of swearing.Sometime to note which might help as a precaution: DC and Marvel publish their very inappropriate stuff like with lots of violence and other unsuitable stuff under the MAX imprints (by Marvel) and Vertigo (by DC comics).

Thanks all. One more question.

I went to our local shop today and saw the Marvel rating system and was glad to know that there were some there that I could purchased that were rated for everyone. It would seem that most of them where numbered either #2, #3, or something like 3 or 5.

Did I just pick a bad time to go? Should we wait to get one that starts at #1 or are they all stories that stand on their own?

Thanks again!

you might want to go to ebay and look up Treasure Chest comic, it was a Catholic comic book CO. back in the day.

this is a more super hero style Catholic comic :thumbsup:

or the Manga bible! - (manga is just the Japanese word for comic book): :thumbsup:

Others Catholic comics:

Do NOT... i repeat DO NOT pick up any Jack T. Chick tracks, these comic are full of anti Catholic propaganda and just straight out lies.

[quote="DChacon, post:9, topic:230973"]
Do NOT... i repeat DO NOT pick up any Jack T. Chick tracks, these comic are full of anti Catholic propaganda and just straight out lies.


Not to mention blatant stupidity that makes even a protestant like myself gag.

There is a Pope John Paul II and a Mother Theresa comic book published by Marvel that you can pick up probably from eBay or Amazon.

There is a Pope John Paul II and a Mother Theresa comic book published by Marvel that you can pick up probably from eBay or Amazon.:smiley:

It depends, does your child like the title? If so, and if the title’s popular, you might be in for a long wait before a new #1 issue appears. As a point of reference, Uncanny X-Men ran for 544 issues (from September 1963 until December 2011) before Marvel finally reset the issue numbers after a partial reboot of the title. The better thing to do is see if you can find the beginning of a new “story arc”. Usually a new one will happen every four or five issues. Also, if you’re at a comic book store, you might want to see if they have the first issue as a back issue – if it’s recent, and not hotly sought after, it should still be cover price.

Manga Messiah is a great one!

This one might be a bit too heavy for an 8 year old. This one I think is better suited for young teens and up.

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