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Can you buy comic books in retail stores anymore? I am looking to send my overseas nephew some for Christmas. I dont mean the collection kind, just new issues. I live in the greater Cincinnati area.
P.S. I remember paying 12 cents a copy when I was a boy, and you could get them at the drugstore.
Thanks to all.

There’s probably a comic store or three or five somewhere around you. Check the yellow pages :slight_smile:

I can… my local grocery stores carry some of the more mainstream titles.

You don’t mention your nephew’s age. If he’s younger, then I would advise a comic store so you can ask the clerk what titles would be age appropriate. Comic books are written for adult readerships these days, with only certain titles being appropriate for all ages.

New releases come out on Wednesdays. :slight_smile:

I usually see Archie at the supermarket checkout lane. Maybe you could call a local bookstore and ask if they carry the type you’re looking for.

Waldenbooks, B. Dalton, Barnes and Noble and Borders all carry some comic titles. Hobby stores often have comics as well. There are also specific ‘comic book stores’ and as some posters mentioned, you can go into many large grocery stores and find Archie comics; ditto with Wal-Mart, K-Mart etc.

But prepare for sticker shock because the prices, for those of us growing up in the glory years of comics which cost under 25 cents, picking up a double digest Archie for $3.49 (plus tax) is slightly horrifying–especially when you can go on the web site and read daily comics, comic books that are archived, etc. for ‘free’.

There are, if you search out the hands-on experience, quite a few titles out there that will absolutely shock and disgust you – be forewarned!

Does anybody ever actually buy Archie here? I’m told it’s wildly popular in India, but I’ve never seen someone even pick up one of those things.

Also, good point, Tantum Ergo – I’d forgotten about bookstores. The big chains don’t seem to carry much more than a few trade paperbacks though.

Thanks to all of you here, you have given me some routes to go and I really appreciate it.

I order mine on line…some are used but are in excllent condition, and I think in some cases a bit less expensive …:shrug:


try :thumbsup:

Thanks again.

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