Coming back into the church

So I was an adult convert (went through rcia, got confirmed) to the church and went to mass 3-5 times a week but have since sorry of drifted away, slowly at first but now last time I was at Mass was Ash Wednesday and before then it has been several months. I know that I’ll need to go to confession but I’m not really sure how? Should I go to regular confession time? I feel like I’m going to have to give a pretty long confession and I don’t want to take forever while other people need to confess? I want to return but I don’t know how to? Any advice?


You can always schedule a private confession time with a Priest, you can call the parish office and they should be able to schedule you or direct you to where to go to schedule one.

It’s great that you want to go to confession and return, welcome back! :grinning:


I’d say, one of the best ways to return to the Church is confession, especially if you haven’t been to Church in a while. It’s a beautiful sacrament that allows one to be reunited with God despite one’s shortcomings :slightly_smiling_face:


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