Coming back to the church?

If my mom left and decides to come back to the Church, what will she have to do to be able to take the Eucharist? She’s gone through all the Confirmation, First communion, baptism, etc. What will she have to do to be able to take the Eucharist again?

Usually confession, just in case.

Go to confession. :slight_smile:

Yes, mostly repent of her disobedience and rec’ absolution in the Sacrament of Penance. Peace, Carlan

She needs to go to confession and return to communion. If there is any other situation in her life that separates her from the sacraments, an invalid marriage would be one example, she needs to explain her situation to the priest so he can guide her. This is something she has to do for herself, nothing you can do. Your role is to pray for her. You are a very good son.

Depends by how she left the Church. Acts of schism and apostasy of the faith warrants automatic excommunication. A priest may need to speak with her and do some spiritual counseling and direction on top of confession. But if she merely fell out of the faith and just stopped attending church or became a Protestant, then a confession would suffice.

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