coming home?

I stopped coming here for awhile since I started to attend the American/Independent Catholic church. Anyway, me my partner and our son want to go back to the Roman Catholic church for it is in my heart and always will be. We tried to make an appointment with the parish priest but he is not calling back. We want to go to Mass to worship God and not to be judged by others. Will my son be able to attend C C D or Sunday school? Will people make comments and we will have to explain we are celebrate? We shouldn’t have to do that. It’s like people say they accept the gayness it’s just the act that’s the sin but to me they just condemns you no matter what. What to do.


I would suggest to try again or try another Parish if possible. (I have never had to do any of that so I am unaware of how to etc so please feel free to take or leave my suggestion). :slight_smile:

:frowning: I think the most difficult part about your situation, is that most people are going to see it as a scandal and it probably will as many will think the Church is condoning same sex marriage. My suggestion would be to explain your situation to the priest and then people who bring it up to him will hopefully be corrected about the situation.

I don’t know, in any case, I would say ‘Jesus I Trust In You’ (St Faustina) when there is a will there is a way.

I would say that is quite probable.

If you don’t, I believe it will create all sorts of problems and give rise to much scandal in the Church.

Well, I believe it would be like me going to mass with a ‘Freemasons’ t shirt on every time, I’m not a Freemason, but people will assume that I am. And you can just imagine the couple outside who just had an argument about how ‘Freemasonry’ is against the Catholic Faith and then they both go into Church and find me sitting in a pew with my Freemasons t shirt on, the other guy will say “See, hes a Freemason and the Church appears to be fine with it.” thus the scandal that it creates, and unfortunately, unlike this analogy, you can’t simply wear a different t shirt.

My advice would be to pray about the best way to go about this would be, and to also spend some time in silence before the tabernacle, before Christ’s real presence in the Holy Eucharist, He will console you and guide you about what the right thing to do will be.

I hope I have helped :slight_smile:

God Bless

Thank you for reading

you child is welcome to enroll in a parish catechetical program.
Just sign him up.
God bless,

That’s a shame you’re having trouble talking to the priest. I remember it was difficult to get to a priest due to the shortage. Finally, one spelled it out for me. He told me he had been working 14 hour days.

I’ve talked to different priests, and they are really spread too thin for the demand, and if we don’t get more priests, expect more of the same, They are doing their best in a difficult situation. We had a priest who was spread between 2 parishes and president of a Catholic school.

Here, in Mexico, I have a heck of a time even catching one for confession. I’ve had where I’ve sometimes had to go different times before I could finally get in. We’d just have these huge lines, hours, and I began to shop around to other churches where the lines were shorter.

I wish you could catch that priest. I think you are right that it’s the way to go.

Sometimes, I’ve complained about not being able to catch one to confess, and then I’ve gone online, and we’d have people on the forum who don’t even have a priest! So, I began to rethink this.

I began to also read some accounts of lives of the saints and to what extent they would go for their faith. They would go to great lengths to get to mass, undergo tremendous persecution, torture and martyrdom. This is now termed “heroic virtue”.

Now, I don’t say this to in anyway diminish or trivialize what you are going through, or may go through, but to help you put this into its proper perspective.

Evil has always been with us from the beginning. We can’t escape it. Even Christ had in his inner circle, the 12, one who betrayed him. So, he told us that if the world rejected him, to expect it to reject us if we follow him.

When they persecute you, which they very well might, I’d suggest you try something my mother told me when I was 10 y.o. and was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. She told me to offer up my sufferings to God. When I have done that for some purpose, my sufferings felt they were being used for some greater purpose and could be easier bear for that reason. They didn’t feel like they were just in vain.

I am not sure what to say about how else to approach this situation, but I just wanted to congratulate you on returning and striving so hard to live a good life.

I wish I could tell you everyone will greet you with patience and understanding, but I suspect there will always be some who will not understand, maybe not greet you both with open arms. Unfortunately, that’s so often the case in life.

Some might try to falsely accuse you are your partner, but I guess that, and more has happened to Christ, and the disciples, and I think probably the Blessed Virgin Mary and saints.

So, if it’s any consolation, you’d be in good company. Nobody ever said our faith would be easy. We’re called to forgive people. Christ forgave those who crucified him while they were doing it. Of course, easier said than done, right.

You know the truth, and God does.

I hope you’ll be welcomed and accepted, and commended on your courage.

I know I respect what you both are doing, but my opinion doesn’t even matter. God’s is the only one that does.

Good luck in your journey!


Ok, now I am stressed over this. I figure why meet with the priest. I will always support gay rights to marry and I feel it is wrong to treat gays as leaders. I love the Church. I Know the priest will be beast. I need an outsider like a therapist to discuss this with or would the priest be good? The solution to all my stress US a painfully one… stop going to Mass. Can I still be Catholic and teach my son about the teachings without going to church. But than again where would I heard the word of God? Should we go even though I still feel like this? Why am I making a huge deal about this? How would I explain to my family why I go back and forth on this decision? Did God already send me a sign about going to the American catholic church but I don’t like His answers. What to tell my son if he asks why we go to a church that doesn’t accept US? Ugggg! I cry over this all the time. Help me.

I think you need counseling (you seem to have multiple issues), and instruction about the Christian faith (for example, what marriage is). Yes, I think you should also be attending your local catholic church (one in communion with the Pope).

May God help you more through this difficult time.

You should meet with the priest because he’s not going to bite you. He’s going to try to help you understand the Church’s position on this and other matters. Like why we go to Mass. We go to offer the Lord our love, worship and to be with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Regular people. Like you. And because He commanded us to. “Do this in memory of Me” right? He didn’t say “do this if you feel like it, no biggie if you put me aside when things get rough”.
You need to hear the Word of God proclaimed. Yes, you can and should read your Bible, maybe enroll in a good Catholic Bible study group let by someone really knowledgeable. That might be in your parish, it might be in a neighboring parish, but they are out there.
You should go BECAUSE you feel like this. Where else are you going to get the correct answers? From people on the street? From the media? I don’t think so. They will simply confuse you further. Honest.
If you feel your family needs an explanation, then you should definitely meet with the priest or a Catholic Spiritual Director so your answers are grounded in truth.
You’re making a huge deal out of it because you are afraid. What if? What about? How come? But why? Will I? Do We? All a cause for fear and distress…until you hear answers that are appropriate. Which you won’t get UNLESS you ask.
Whoever told you that the Catholic Church doesn’t accept gays is wrong. How can people who are made in the image and likeness of God be unloved by God?
There is a banner that runs on CAF with a movie entitled “Desire of the Everlasting Hills”. It’s about an hour. And it’s an eye opener.
Do your research. Don’t accept when people say “I heard”. No. Hear for yourself from a person well trained to tell you the facts. Go to the Apologist section and ask one of them. Your child can receive Catechism class. He will not be taught to disrespect you or stop loving you. He will not be taught that you are going to hell. He will learn the faith. I hope you do as well.
Be assured of our prayers.

The correct thing to do is to separate from you partner. I think you know this but are reluctant because of your attachment. I understand why.

But if you can’t/won’t separate, you can still go to Mass, tho you may not receive Holy Communion. But there is so much more about the Mass than just Holy Communion if you understand what the Mass truely is. It still can nourish you and keep your hope alive as well as your faith.

It is important that you show Jesus you love him at least in every other way you possibly can and offer that to him. And then beg him to be patient with you and look at your love and good intentions in other matters. Do what you can.

If you just leave and go your own way, so many lose and weaken their faith to the point that they may never come back. It is very important that you continue so do what you can do and leave the rest to Jesus to have mercy on you.

Your youngster needs to see your faith so he will feed off of it. And they do. Even tho you can’t participate in Holy Communion, you may make a spiritual communion during the time others are going up. Your youngster will see this. If you give it all up and just walk away, he will get the same idea…that this just isn’t important. As a parent it is important that you lead the way and set the example. If you show goodness to your boy then Jesus will take note of this.

But above all do not think this is the end of everything, but just the beginning of a journey in which you will show your goodwill in whatever way you can. This won’t go away by joining some other faith organization. Jesus is the same Jesus wherever a person goes.

May God bless and keep you. May God’s face shine on you. May God be kind to you and give you peace.

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