Coming Soon: Didache Bible by Igantius Press



I haven’t even clicked the link, I will in a minute, but do you know offhand which text-type they use for translation?

I would LOVE to see a Catholic Bible that uses the Septuagint (LXX) as the OT base, mainly due to the fact that I love how in the LXX the Messianic prophecies are really explicitly, and the words Jesus and Christ appear several times in the OT (I’ve often heard people say if Jesus is the Messiah, why doesn’t the OT name Jesus or Christ at all? Well, it does, in fact several times, but most English translations don’t show it),

and the Byzantine text as a NT base, I usually use a KJV or NKJV when reading the NT because I don’t really care for the Majority / NU-minority texts.

God bless


It says it’s the RSV-CE2. Looks awesome!


Very interesting! I am looking forward to seeing the inside!


Cool! Can’t wait to see it. :slight_smile:


FYI, I have just found out that the Orthodox Study Bible does this.

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