Commemorating saints not in the universal calendar



As a lover of sub-Roman and Anglo-Saxon Britain, I’ve developed a great respect for several saints of the Isles… to name a few:

St. Dunstan (May 19)
St. Columba (June 9)
St. Alban (June 20)
St. Aidan of Lindisfarne (Aug. 31)
St. Paulinus of York (Oct. 10)
St. Wilfrid of York (Oct. 12)
St. Edward the Confessor (Oct. 13)

None of these dates impede memorials or feasts in the Universal Calendar.
I would like to commemorate them liturgically in my Liturgy of the Hours. I’m just wondering if it’s liturgically licit to do such a thing outside of the country that has those saints in the local calendar (England, in this case).


Yes, you can do that.

If you have the proper collects for them, you can use them. Otherwise, use one of the “commons;” e.g. common for a martyr.

Sometimes the proper collects can be found in resources used by certain places. For example, if you don’t have the propers for St. Dunstan, a monastery named after him might have the texts, or they might exist for a different English speaking country. In private LOTH, this is acceptable.


After a more careful reading of your question: you could use the texts approved for the U.K. in private LOTH. They should be easy to find.


This is extremely helpful, Father. Thank you.

Let’s make sure we have our terms right, however: do you take “private” to mean “private devotion”, or merely a “private celebration” of the Hours in full communion with the Universal Prayer of the Church?


What I mean is that if you’re praying the LOTH at home (by yourself, or with relatives, friends, etc.) you can do the sort of thing you’re asking. If it were a matter of a parish (or cathedral, or diocese, or religious house), praying the LOTH as a formal service, things would be more strict. In other words, you can use the UK texts at home, but I cannot use them for a parish celebration (unless I get permission from the bishop, which would be relatively easy).

You are still praying the prayer of the Church, and your prayers are still united to those of the universal Church.


If you have The CTS New Daily Missal, you will have the Collects for all of those listed. I just checked my Daily Missal and they are all there.


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