Commentaries on the Acts of the Apostles

I just finished up the new arrangement for the Acts of the Apostles here

This is quite useful. I use your site regularly and even periodically see your facebook posts. :thumbsup:

here’s a solidly Catholic commentary on Acts:

Also, see if you can find a copy of Madam Cecilia’s commentary on Acts of the Apostles. It’s worth it.

Here’s a review from over a century ago:
**Madame Cecilia has by her previous volumes proved herself a thoroughly capable interpreter of the New Testament narrative, and her present work deepens in the reader the impression of her broadly critical familiarity with the sources of the literature of the Acts. In the Introduction, covering about fifty pages, she discusses the usual questions of authorship, sources, chronology, and characteristics of the text. In the exposition, which is partly in the form of foot-notes following the collateral text of the Latin and English versions page by page, partly in the form of " additional notes " at the end, she gives us a thoroughly satisfactory insight into the history of the Church during the first fifty years that follow the Ascension of our Lord. There are numerous analytical tables, diagrams, and some maps, making the volume one of those pedagogical helps to young minds which have become a feature of modern systems of education. We are brought in touch with the contemporary history of the Acts through copious extracts or summaries from secular sources and" with the archeology of to-day, so that the student finds food here not merely for critical exegesis but also for practical illustrations in matters of Church history. The book is designed primarily for colleges and academies, but, like the St. Edmund’s College series, it will be found useful to many a theological student or priest who wishes to enrich his preaching by illustrations from Biblical Church history.


Thank you very much of making me aware of John McEvilly, I was not even aware of him and his works. I have found some online commentaries of his that I will be adding to my collection of commentaries. Unfortunately I have not found his commentary on Acts online, but I will continue to search the web for it.

By the way, for everyone, if there are other good Catholic commentaries online that I can add to the collection then please let me know. My goal is the make as many good commentaries easily available for everyone. I am working on Paul’s epistles right now.

Thank you!

I found what I was looking for!

I will be adding those commentaries to the collection and divid them up chapter by chapter!

I’ve just discovered this…I thank you, because what you have put together is spectacular.

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