Commentary on the Gospel of John


I am looking for a good commentary on the Gospel of John. I’m looking at Thomas Aquinas’ but am also looking for a commentary by one of the Early Church Fathers. I have Sacra Pagina, but am l looking to read through some more source material that others quote.


Try Introduction to the Gospel of John, or the two volume set The Gospel of John by the late Reverend Father Raymond E. Brown.


When you open the link scroll down and you will come to the Commentary on John.



“The Community of the Beloved Disciple” by the late Reverend Father Raymond E. Brown. is also very enlightening.


St. Augustine

St. John Chrysostom


The Aquinas Study Bible also has the Catena Aurea which is composed of patristic quotations.


I don’t think that Raymond Brown’s views are orthodox.

A Wayward Turn in Biblical Theory
by Msgr. George A. Kelly

Oblates of Wisdom
"Fr. Brown favors a “qualitative” solution to the problem of inerrancy, “whereby all Scripture is inerrant to the extent that it serves the purpose for which God intended it,” and he claims that “recognition of this type of limitation is implicit in the statement made at Vatican Council II (DV 11)” "


Haydock Bible.


Considering Fr. Brown was a Latin rite Catholic, I don’t think his views are “orthodox” either. :smiley:

I don’t particularly trust his views as anything more than speculation; and I am sure some of his opinions are simply wrong. But on the other hand, I don’t recall him ever being censored or punished for what he published. The best guide is to look for an imprimatur or a nihil obstat in the copyright information of the book. If there is no such church statement, then it may in fact be outside of church teaching. I don’t think a priest or Deacon is supposed to publish anything without being reviewed by the church, first…


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