Commercial fishing and Mass

I have been looking into fishing on a boat in Alaska over the summer, as a practicing Roman Catholic would this be immoral since it would be impossible to attend mass since I would be on an ocean. I know the rule is that if you are over a certain amount of travel time away from a mass that there is an exception made. However, I would be choosing to be well above that time-frame since I would be on a boat several hours outside of any port, let alone a mass. Is it still morally ok for me to take such a job? I guess the same question applies to taking a cannery job since the hours are about 16 every day 7 days a week. I am not sure, so please help me out here.

Greetings GG,
Not a catholic but sometimes I read where folks are mentioning dispensations from mass for various reasons. I guess you could speak with a priest or bishop about the matter and see what happens. Blessings to you and yours. Be well.

You need the job? Then don’t worry about it. It’s not for the rest of your life, just the summer. If you still feel conflicted about it, talk with your priest.

Remember your history - a lot of Catholic explorers & fur trappers spent years sometimes without seeing a priest. Things would be different had they decided to stay home because they would have to miss Mass.

It seems fine, provided it’s your best chance at getting good work and you still make an effort to sanctify the Lord’s day in some way. If you are really concerned, ask your pastor for a dispensation and substituting devotions (like a rosary).

Yes, pastors can do that and perhaps ought to make better use of that power!

Not sure there’s too much mass availability in Alaska to begin with…

I’d imagine that AK’s major seaports all have Catholic Churches. It would depend where the ship was based.


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