Committing a sin in a

Is committing a sin in a place like a rectory make a sin worse than committing it in an abandoned lot? What about in a nave? Would that change the “kind” of sin, as in “number and kind”?

Or not?

Personally, I think it would be worse because the Church is “God’s house.” It’s like a sacred space, if you will. Would you want one of your friends committing a “sin” in your house? If you aren’t home, and they know it’s not something you would want them to do, how much more so if they did it in God’s house when they know it’s against His rules?

i’m not arguing with CB above, she makes a good point. but sin is sin. if you did it, repent and confess it, and don’t do it again. God is faithful to forgive.

Frankly, it makes no difference if one mortal sin is considered graver than another. If you die in a state of mortal sin you go to Hell and it doesn’t matter what mortal sin is on your soul at death.

It does.

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