Common Ancestor


What’s the difference between not evolving from apes and sharing a common ancestor with modern apes?


They’re saying there was an animal 5-8 million years ago that chimps/gorillas and humans evolved from. It was likely an ape that now no longer exists. Its like saying you and your siblings came from your parents but not each other.


It’s subtle. It might be like me saying you’re not descended from your cousins, but you and your cousins are descended from a common set of grandparents

Humans and chimpanzees evolved from a common ancestor. Humans didn’t evolve from chimpanzees. At some point there was a non-chimpanzee primate ancestor species, and one group of descendants from that species went on to evolve into modern humans (eventually), and a different group of descendants went on to evolve into modern chimpanzees.

I’ve simplified the whope thing a bit, but that is what’s meant by saying we evolved from a common ancestor.


It’s like saying “The French language doesnt come from Italian, French and Italian both evolved from Latin.” Because a lot of people have misconceptions that humans evolved from modern chimpanzees.


Here’s another article saying that we may be close to finding the last common ancestor. LCA.


And that’s ok with Catholicism?


Yes, the Church has (prudently, imo) remained agnostic to the question of human evolution, with a few specific caveats.


I may have to rethink this whole ND thing. The Student Pastor leans toward a young earth so I’m sure this wouldn’t be compatible with their church teaching.


If he teaches that, it would not be compatible.


When I asked him he sounded like he was undecided but leaning toward a young earth. I’ve read two or three books from that side of the debate and they do have some good points at times, but I lean toward an old earth.


You mean incompatible with the ND church, not Catholicism, right?


Yes, that’s what I mean.


Does everybody here lean toward an old earth or a young Earth?


I definitely say old Earth, 100%.


Anyone else?


I’m an “Old Earther.”


Definitely old earth. You’re turning yourself off to a lot of great science with young earth.


A good book on this subject is “Finding Darwins God” by Ken Miller, who is Catholic.


And the CC is ok with his ideas?


I think so, I dont recall that he contradicted church teaching.

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