Common Ancestor


Anyone know for sure?


Atreju’s summary sounds fine, but I haven’t read the book or Miller’s specific arguments.


John Newman, a contemporary of Darwin:

I do not fear the theory [of evolution] … It does not seem to me to follow that creation is denied because the Creator, millions of years ago, gave laws to matter. He first created matter and then he created laws for it - laws which should construct it into its present wonderful beauty, and accurate adjustment and harmony of parts gradually. We do not deny or circumscribe the Creator, because we hold he has created the self-acting originating human mind, which has almost a creative gift; much less then do we deny or circumscribe His power, if we hold that He gave matter such laws as by their blind instrumentality moulded and constructed through innumerable ages the world as we see …
Mr Darwin’s theory need not then be atheistical, be it true or not; it may simply be suggesting a larger idea of Divine Prescience and Skill …
‘At first sight I do not see that “the accidental evolution or organic beings” is inconsistent with divine design - It is accidental to us, not to God.’


So do you agree this is ok with Catholic teaching?


Hope, come on…what is going on? Seriously, are you alright? This is the same dance where you ask to be told over and over that evolution is acceptable from a Catholic standpoint.


Again, are you a shrink?


Neither is playing psychiatrist.


Catholic science teacher here. The Vatican 100 percent states that there is no fight between God and science and that was one of the things that helped me convert with I might add a great sense of relief. I’ve been to a few creationist seminars as a student and former Protestant and I was just sitting there thinking … no. It does not honour God to stick our heads in the sand and ignore scientific evidence. There is no reason God can’t work through evolution. He did. If you really want to believe and convince atheists, get into physics :wink:


Apes have their own ancestors, but at some point their line and ours converge. I think we have something like 98% of the same dna as chimps.


I’m seeing a shrink but every time or a lot of times,when I read something about this I start to worry. As you already know, I have OCD, and if you really cared about my well being, you’d have taken this to PM.



10 char.


I can be the same way, dont worry I just take your comments as wanting to be sure and getting clarification, which is always good: better redundant than wrong! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your kindness.


There are Vatican hospitals and the observatory. Science is a God given thing it’s the tools to uncover how the universe came into being and it’s amazing how many things happen in threes. Also there are things such as the golden ratio and fractals in nature which follow mathematical rules check this out


@Hope1960 :slight_smile: totally nerdy piece showing how this veggie matches perfect mathematical patterns. Be at peace


That’s a neat looking veggie. And thanks.


@Hope1960 If you find yourself having obsessive thoughts look at the picture . Read about the maths. And hope it calms you if you are worried that science is separate from God. Science is just how you can uncover what God has done as the uncaused cause

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