Common Attacks by Anti-Catholics

What are some common attacks by anti catholics on catholic church? Like for instance i know one is that we worship graven images yet, the protestants dont realize that God actually commanded Moses to build cherubs i believe(Exodus?)

Moreover some protestants are hypocrites in which they have images there own images of jesus as well:thumbsup:

As a former non-Catholic, the first thing I was taught, was that Catholics are disobedient to Jesus’ command to call no one Father except for God. I don’t think Jesus was talking about our dads or priests, though.

Catholic never read the Bible is one I’ve heard.

Protestants, you say? Ha!

You ought to see how some Catholics attack the Church and its teachings!

Although, there was one person who called Catholicism a cult on a forum once.

Nice to know some think of us as the same as those who commit suicide to ride in UFOs to heaven! :thumbsup:

These are common ones:

If the Catholic Church really cares about the poor then why doesn’t it use some of its vast wealth (Vatican treasures etc.) to help the poor?

If the Catholic Church really cares about children being abused, then why did it protect pedophile priests for decades?

Sadly, there is some merit in these attacks, particularly the second one.

Isn’t that a bit unfair? Some individual Protestants (Baptists, Methodists etc etc) have misconceptions about the Catholic faith, just as some of us have misconceptions about them. I understand that not all Protestants are against images, and they have different types of churches e.g. Evangelical, Lutheran, Anglican. Some retained the Eucharist, icons and other items, whilst others didn’t. Plus we all use each others music if appropriate for our Services.

It may surprise you to know that we have a number of religions on CAF, including Islam, Muslim, Pagan etc. All of whom are welcome on CAF and have the right to be treated with dignity and loving respect.

May God bless you on your journey of faith and Welcome Home.

Sorry, but, I have to politely disagree with you here.

As far as selling anything from the Vatican to assist the poor, what are we going to do when those treasures are gone? Where will the help for the poor come from then? Also, those treasures are being cared for, and on display for thousands to see.

There is an old saying that goes something like this. “Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.”

As far as the priest scandal, yes, the Church could have handled it differently, but, don’t let the media scare you. There were many “allegations”, but, very few findings of truth on those “allegations”. Many fewer than what the media would like you to believe.

Does that make it right? Absolutely not, but, we also have to realize that when some of this was going on, the medical/psychiatric community thought that behavior could be treated/cured.

Whichever way the Church went on that issue, it would have been wrong in one way or another.

The Pope is the Anti-Christ.
Catholics worship the Pope.
Catholics worship Mary.
The Vatican has a super computer tracking all protestants (Jack Chick)
Catholics worship bread, or a cookie, or a cracker.

Just to name a few.

There are some n-Cs who qualify as a-Cs and sadly there are some who perpetuate the various misinformation and propaganda.

Examples I have encountered are:

*]We worship Mary
*]Iconoclasm: Or: Catholics Worship Graven Images
*]Catholics Preach “A Different Gospel”
*]“I Find No Sacraments In the Bible” he said.
*]The Bible teaches that everything that we believe and practice has to be found in its pages
*]Do Catholics Read the Bible?
*]Priestly celibacy is unBiblical
*]How Is A Catholic Saved?
*]Tradition? No way!
*]The Deuterocanonical Books of the Catholic Bible
There’s a lot more, but these’ll do for a start…

I’ll give you that one.

I would disagree with you there. I grew up in Ireland and there are enough stories from those who were children then about what they were asked about in the Confessional box. Then after a while the priest would suddenly, and without explanation, be moved to another parish. In Ireland anyway, there has certainly been plenty of examples of priests subsequently been investigated and found guilty (only several decades too late). It did happen, and the Church (or at least local clergy and their bishop) did cover it up. We do ourselves no favours by pretending it wasn’t really a major issue.

In the 1980s? No that wasn’t the case then.

I disagree the wrong thing to do was to cover up what happened and move these priests on to new parishes with a fresh supply of unsuspecting victims. And that is what happened.

Catholics are idolaters by worshiping Mary and the Saints.

I can’t speak to the issue and how it was handled in Ireland, where you obviously have more knowledge on the subject than I do, just as I have a bit more knowledge of how it was handled in the US.

Both are valid views, just from two different time zones so to speak.

BTW, yes, even in the 1980’s, many in the medical profession held those views.

There are books written on this very topic and some of those books even get into where the objections/attacks originated. It is a very interesting study and one which takes some time to work through. Sadly, these attacks are made out of ignorance, much of it innocent.

Here is a quick list I can think of:

Worship of Mary
Cannibals for eating the flesh and blood of Jesus
Follow man made traditions (rather than Holy Tradition)
Idol worship (statues)
Killed millions of innocents (inquisitions)
baptizing babies who don’t know what’s going on
Pagan references
Denies Grace of God and thinks walking grandma across the street gets one into heaven
Protects sexual predators
Has homosexual saints

…there are many others, but everyone of the above are common ones I have heard. It does get a little silly at times.

We hate Gay People. And Women. And Science.

we banned the bible for centuries. No one was allowed to read it until the brave monk Martin Luther and the Protestant reformation rescued The bible from the Catholic church and put in the hands of the ordinary people.

I think that the worst response against this sort of allegation is to get defensive and defend the Church on this matter. Pulling up the drawbridge and defending the Church is what led to the cover-ups in the first place.

Yes, pedophile priests did exist, yes, local clergy and bishops were aware of them, and yes, bishops dealt with the issue by moving the offenders from parish to parish once knowledge of the offenders activities began to surface again. Whether we like it or not that is what happened. It was all about protecting the reputation of the Church at the expense of the well-being of innocent children who were abused and raped by a person held in a position of trust above most other people.

If we try to defend how the Church dealt with it, we are defending the indefensible. If we try to say the issue was exaggerated we are downplaying the child rape and abuse that did occur (and there is no doubt that it did).

In response to criticism here, I think we must be honest and admit that what happened was a terrible wrong, and that how the Church handled it was very wrong. We should admit that the way it was handled was out of a misguided loyalty to protect the reputation of the Church and that children suffered dreadfully as a result. The Church is made up of humans, humans are corrupted and sinful, and humans get it wrong. It was dreadful, it happened, the Church was at fault. To do otherwise would be to appear to condone the cover-up and would make it look like we’re still the same old, corrupt Church, covering up pedophile activities.

Perhaps, but it was still a criminal offence for which the offender would have been jailed. Priests were moved on by bishops out of a misguided desire to protect the reputation of the Church.

I really do hope that Pope Francis does make efforts to seriously deal with any member of the clergy (no matter how senior) who colluded with the pedophiles by moving them from parish to parish. I suspect that if this was done there would be some very senior clergy involved. The innocent children who were so horribly abused deserve no less, and unless this boil is properly lanced the Church’s claim to moral authority will continuously be undermined.

The majority of sexual abuse in the CC was by homosexual men to young adolescent boys.

Gay priests.

Or Tyndale.

And on what do you base that assumption? I could give anecdotal evidence to the contrary, but that would just be anecdotal. And if it were true, how does that lessen the guilt of the Church in what happened? They were still priests, they abused children, and their bishops moved them on to new parishes once it started to become apparent what they were up to.

Whether it was a boy being abused by a homosexual Catholic priest, or a girl being abused by a heterosexual Catholic priest, it makes no difference, one is as bad as the other, and the guilty parties were, by and large, protected by local clergy and bishops.

Catholics are anti-science.
The Catholic Church is monolithic and behind the times.
The Catholic Church is irrational i.e. does not accept reason.
We automatically repeat the same prayers without meaning.
The Catholic Mass is not biblical.
We don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus.
The Catholic Church did nothing to help the Jews in the holocaust.
All Irish nuns in the 20th century were evil.
Each individual Pope is personally responsible for everything even if it happened 1000 years ago. And each Bishop knows in minute detail everything that goes on in the Diocese and is an expert in every subject. All other organisations are not responsible for the actions of their employees or are only responsible until the perpetrator is caught or dead.
The Catholic Church tortured and killed thousands in the Inquisitions. Okay maybe being preached at by a Franciscan monk until you repent and are released on condition you go to mass or say an Our Father is worse than being handed over to be hung or ripped apart by the secular government?

The Catholic Church is dead. HELLO, HELLO, HELLLLOOO anyone out there? Sob, am I the only one left?

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