Common Ground between Protestants and Catholics?


Let’s share what we have in common if that’s okay with everyone…beside the obvious of we both believe Jesus is our Lord and Savior. What else is there?


Well, with many denominations, the Apostles and Nicean Creeds, though differently interpreted in some articles.




The canon of the New Testament!


Well donnyblake what an interesting concept. To begin I can share what we have in common and then I must share where a non Catholic Christian will leave off, the Catholic Christian picks up and continues the faith. for example the Blood of Christ is important to both of us, it washes as clean as snow. Catholics believe in common with protestants, but Catholic Christians take it to the next level, and obey Jesus Commandment to drink his blood literally. I can go on and on about the many things we have in common like we both believe that Mary is Jesus mother ok! Would it offend you if I said Mary is Blessed among women and the Mother of God? I raise no argument, just a view point. Non Catholic Christians have truth, Catholic Christians have the fullness of truth. In short where we begin in common many non Catholic Christian denominations stop and limit their faith in truth or differ from one another. Catholics on the other hand Can find common ground because each denomination took with them a part of the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church with them in their protest to the Church or departure. So to find common ground a Catholic would need to know which denomination is being represented here, and then reveal why one belief stops and the other continues. I think you have an interesting topic for eccuminism and peace will come with understanding fully our differnces about each common topic of Christianity.

Peace be with you.


… and to note how we should view our non-Catholic Christian siblings that do good works in the name of Jesus.
(ran across this in my reading this morning.

Luke 9:49-50
Then John said in reply, "Master, we saw someone casting out demons in your name and we tried to prevent him because he does not follow in our company."
Jesus said to him, “Do not prevent him, for whoever is not against you is for you.”

I think we should encourage as well as educate our non-Catholic friends.
I’m guilty as well of getting heated on these boards.
I need to remember to not get that way.




The only common ground is the Trinity and the belief that Jesus is God, and our Messiah.

Everything else is different. A only good Protestant is an Ex-Protestant turn Catholic.


You may disagree on where we come to our doctrines and beliefs, but us Anglicans share lots of beliefs with you. The English Reformation was very mild in reforming the worship style and equipment from Rome. (Much of our worship and beliefs are either the same or very similar to yours). In fact, the English Reformers took alot of chastisment from the Puritans and others who wished for it to be much less like the Roman church.


What is this?? Oh my goodness, a thread about unity between the brothers of Christ. Can it be? Yes. Yes it is! An answer to prayer!

Thank you donnyblake!

I think what devoted Christians in any tradition / denomination have in common is their heart felt, fervent zeal to Know God and to be in God’s will.

I think that anyone that takes his Christianity seriously wants those two things. Show me someone who is after God and I will show you a person I can befriend rather quickly no matter what our theological differences might be.


Perhaps this isn’t where the conversation was intended on going, but both are very Pro-Life.


Catholics and Protestants share far more in common than different, inspite of what Manny thinks. As much as the division of the Body of Christ must sadden our Lord, I can’t help but think our constant squabbling about our division is just salt in the wounds of Christ over his broken body.


In all due respect to RedSoxFan, I don’t think Protestants in general are as Pro-Life as Catholics. Don’t most Protestant religions condone artificial contraception for one??? Sorry about this difference in the thread I started about sameness.:o


As one of those “good” ex-protestants, I strongly disagree with you on all 3 of your statements. :mad: :tsktsk:


So we’re no good, huh Manny?

So much for common ground.


Wow… just when I think you are learning to love us you go and say something like this… For shame sir! :frowning:


Greetings and peace be with you Mannyfit75;

A only good Protestant is an Ex-Protestant turn Catholic.

I grew up as a Catholic in the 1950’s and these kind of comments were being made all the time. I left the church as a teenager because I could not come to terms with how these kind of thoughts clashed with the greatest commandments.

I believe that these kind of comments would turn Protestants away from the Catholic Church, they are not an incentive for Protestants to change beliefs and become a Catholic.

In the spirit of praying for peace



Not exactly so.

Barna did some research on this very topic:

If you match up Protestants generally with Catholics, the views are similar.

If you match up those who identify themselves as Evangelical Christians with Catholics, then the Evangelicals are far more pro-life than Catholics.

Interesting to me.

Don’t most Protestant religions condone artificial contraception for one???

Denominationally, I think that is so, but I also think that what actually is the reality is more important. It would seem strange to be the case, but more Catholics support ABC than Protestants.

Just an aside on the thread…but it does go to show we are even very similar in these areas.


How about this?

both pray to Jesus.



Humh, is good to be a Catholic, but the basic cannot be ignore. I hope you get what i mean. Be humble and charitable that will make you shine for the Lord


After watching the propanganda piece on cnn tonight I know another common ground.

Being made stupid by the “world” if its fundies looking rabid, or catholics running after children, ALL believers emptying their brains and blindly following Jesus down the crazy path.

Realise the world does not care, not even one bit, exactly which church one attends, it just cares they do and are a crazed person following a non existant God.

That we and that so called God are cramping their style and the sooner they can get rid of Him and us the better.

This is the biggest common ground we have, we ALL are hated by the world because we love our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. His Name makes them crazy.

But it doesnt make us crazy, and we love and are loved by Him. :slight_smile:


well the common ground is obviously acknowledging Christ being our Lord, but Protestants will never come to the agreement of the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church which was passed down from the apostles although it is their right, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t send the Vatican a Thank you letter for putting the bible together, oh right lets not forget the doctrine of the Trinity too which is something the Catholic Church has been defending for years which became the basics of christianity.

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