Common Ground


Is it something we should even be looking for?


I think before we can look for a common ground ppl need to drop their self-righteousness and pretentiousness. Only then will they be able to see with clear eyes as opposed to eyes clouded with hate and prejudice


We both serve the same God for starters.:thumbsup:


I dont (6)


May his noodly goodness touch your souls :wink:


Well, that’s a great way to start. Accuse everyone of being hateful and pretentious. I can tell you’re exactly the sort of person I’d love to find common ground with. :rolleyes:


Funny, i never gave a number or quanitity to the ppl im referring to. I merely said ‘ppl’ And to regards of this post, it isnt hard to see that i meant it more so for these forums where discussion of other religions (or even christians denominations) ends with conclusions

a. They are wrong and misguided
b. They are blind to reason
c. They are hateful and we must be fearful
d. (My favorite) Lets commit genocide!

If you dont cosider this hateful and prejudice, then I fear for all that you come into contact with


First, by not specifying or quantifying your “ppl” you are implying that it applies to people in general, i.e. everyone.

Second, I try not to judge people I don’t know. From what I have witnessed in this forum it seems you are referencing the people here who have spoken out against Islam. As far as I have seen, those in question are judging the religion and those fanatics who do commit hate crimes, not all muslims in general. They have not passed generalized judgements on “ppl” as you have.

Third, the only thing I hate is when people who type on the internet don’t use punctuation or proper spelling. :rolleyes:


Which god do you serve?



I think it would be difficult. I think we need to look beyond our differences and be kind and show love and mercy to all. That might sound polyanna way of thinking, but I say that is God’s way of thinking.:smiley: :thumbsup:
In bible study yesterday I learned much Jewish history from a Jewish/Christian woman. It made me look at Jews much differently. I have always respected Jewish people because they are God’s chosen people and we came out of Judaism. Listening to this woman speak just gave me a deeper understanding of their faith and my own.:thumbsup:

By learning about catholocism is also teaching me about my faith as well.

I think knowledge is the key. Take the time to learn about other religious beliefs. If you dont agree, which I dont necessarily, but I would not treat them differently, I would just pray for God to show them the truth.
For me, I will keep studying the bible and treating people as I want to be treated and strive to be more Christ-like.:smiley:


I would say it is a wonderful thing to work toward Valke2,
In fact I would say that is exactly what you are doing on this forum. Have you found some common ground with Christians?
Have you found some common ground with Muslims?

I have found some, and when there is something common, then talking can begin.

A lone Raven
p.s.- Thank you Valke for giving an outside perspective and letting some of us here seek common ground with you as well.


Is it something we should even be looking for?

I second this. :slight_smile:

We have a lot more in common than we do differences :thumbsup:


I never accused you. My statement implied the majority. As for ‘speaking out’ thats fine but the threads arnt NOT speaking out when they always degrade into clamouring of the mass destruction of the entire ppl/religion regardless if they are invovled or not.

As for my generalizations? Ive limited to these forums thou i do allude the a greater portion of Christians and honestly, there hasnt been much too change my mind. Also, I would again, consider judging an entire ppl on the actions of a few a gross generalization

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Common Ground

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You may be surprised to hear this but there is another pastafarian named nydas on these forums.

Perhaps you can find some common ground with he or she.

As for the rest of us, our religion is not made up as a mockery of something else, but as a real belief system that really affects peoples lives. I applaud a search for common ground, even with pastafarians, though I doubt any will be found.

A lone Raven

p.s.- The only reason I call it a mockery is because the link you provided said it was founded as a parody of religions.


Judaism teaches that one of the reasons we learn that God created Adam and Eve (either simultaneously or one after the other, depending on the verse we’re reading) is so that no one could say that their father was more than another’s father. Same reason why we learn Adam was created from the dust of the four corners of the earth. We all share a common beginning.

Or, at least a love of pasta.



Haha ok dont laugh :stuck_out_tongue: sigh

To be honest, I do believe in a ‘god’ of a sort (demiurgus would be a better term) which holds or at least represents the same values as yours. The difference is I believe my ‘god’ to be imaginary thou he/she does hold very real power.

I must add this ‘god’ is a seperate entity to the umm i guess ‘higher god’ or Brahmin to whom i neither know where if its conscience or if it even exists. As I cannot know in any possible way, I simply dismiss the idea and instead focus on the wishes of my Demiurgus


When you create a god to fit your belief system you have committed idolatry. It,s the oldest sin since creation.


This is way off topic, but perhaps it will find some common ground

How can the demiurge though imaginary, hold real power.
I have heard of similar things, a curse holds power if someone believes in it, etc., but it seems you do not believe that the demiurge is real. How can something that does not exist, and is not even believed to exist hold any power?

A lone Raven

p.s.- it seems that both nihilism and pastafarianism do not describe what you believe, perhaps longinism would be a better term for it.

Sorry, I just like to know what someone believes so I can know how to approach, and what I could say that might cause problems so as to avoid it.


You will be held accountable for every word that comes from your mouth whether you believe it or not.God will not be mocked.:frowning:

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