Common Sense Alcohol Reform

According to the CDC, there were 10,265 deaths related to drunk driving in 2015 ( Do you believe we should institute some common sense alcohol reforms to combat this?

Is alcohol really more important to you than saving lives? Nobody needs high-concentration alcohol. Surely you would support common sense alcohol reform. And of course all right-thinking men will want to ban high-capacity glasses cups.

Obviously this is facetious. Assuming you agree that we shouldn’t ban alcohol, which is not legally protected by the Constitution, I’m looking for some rationale as to why you would be ok with banning/confiscating guns or some class of guns. How would the logical form of the argument differ?


People who argue for gun control are ill-informed on the issue and in the case of Americans, a main goal is to just impress their foreign “friends” who enjoy the benefits of living under the shadow of the United States nuclear navy.


I live in a dry county so…


I used to know that pain. I moved after I graduated college.

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My inner libertarian is peeved but my practical side agrees since we have three colleges in our town of 60,000. I don’t drink often so it isn’t a burden for me. But I could just drive over the county line.

I drink beer, whiskey, and wine. There’s nothing wrong with it when enjoyed in moderation. If you don’t like the stuff, don’t partake. For the record, I also enjoy cigars and going to the gun range. :cowboy_hat_face:


If you want to kill a group of people do you go buy some kind of alcohol or go buy some kind of gun? Which is the more effective weapon?


What, no vodka?


:beer: :wine_glass: :tumbler_glass:

You are on a wet forum.


What’s the difference between Methodists, Jews, and Catholics? Jews and Catholics greet each other in the liquor store.

God bless our Methodist brothers and sisters!


I understand the logic in trying to protect people from drinking but it actually made me drink more when I could. In order to justify the 2 hour round trip to get beer I had to buy in bulk. And it’s very hard to ration when you have 2 spare cases sitting around.

Weird thing is most of the dry counties in this area have higher rates of drug dependency. It’s almost as if you give them a small vice and they can manage it, but when you take it away, they find worse things.

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Hence by libertarian side…

I’m in that stage of converting to libertarian. Although I think I’ve been in that stage for 3 years. :expressionless:

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I tried it once. Personally, I prefer Gin to Vodka.

Here’s a combo:

1 Blue Moon® Belgian White Ale
1-2 Shots of Gin

What a flavorful beer :beers::yum:

Did you try flavored vodka?

I don’t drink plain vodka. I just infuse it into gummy bears and eat them.

I hate beer.


The US did ban alcohol once

Spoiler alert! It didn’t work out so well…


Common sense alcohol reform would be to change the cultural idea that you need to get drunk to enjoy alcohol. The first place a young person learns about and tries alcohol should be under their parents’s roof with the family, not at college where people are barely more experienced than you and may not prioritize your well-being.

Likewise, I think people would be less against gun availability if more people were familiar with guns, how they are used, and how one goes about purchasing them. One side of the debate is dominated by the kind of people who think that chainsaw bayonets are a thing.


The purpose of guns is to kill. That isn’t the purpose of alcohol.

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Why do you take two baptists fishing? If you just take one, he will drink all your beer. JUST KIDDING!


Ban advertising from alcoholic beverage manufacturers. Restrict operating hours for drinking establishments. There could be parallels.

The desire to keep certain evils legal, including alcohol, tobacco, and guns, is a secular form of original sin. It is so deeply rooted in history and culture that many people see these evils as good. We will have about as much success eliminating them as we have had eliminating lust and greed, which similarly are seen by many as good. This is a kind of blindness. Looking on the bright side, just as there are a few believers who have lust and greed for the most part under control, there will always be a saintly few who can live well, in joy and peace, without alcohol, tobacco, and guns.

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