Common things Catholics forget they are supposed to do (or not do)


I never really thought about it much. I just do it.


There’s nothing wrong with it, but it isn’t something we need to do, or isn’t anything we are supposed to be doing, as in if we don’t, we are “wrong” for lack of a better word.


I think I heard you are not supposed to eat red meat on Fridays, even during ordinary time, but I am not certain.


Friday fast.

Obligatory unless serious reasons defer it.
‘Abstinance from meat’ ‘or some other appropriate abstinance.’


Yes this rule still applies every Friday of the year! Under pains of mortal sin, as the catechism states it is grave matter.

Meat may be substituted for another food.

Eg: no chocolate/ no coffee etc


scrupulous anonymous

Also checkout the Youtubes of Father Mike:

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there are about 150 of them.


There is no requirement to receive Communion at every Mass we participate in.


Father Mike is the best. :slight_smile:


Depends on where you live.


However, in the US:


For the longest time I thought tea was okay, just not food, an hour before. I recall many times drinking tea or flavored waters on the eay to church…


That is not the rule in the US. And even “substitute penance” is not binding doctrine.

regarding the US:
But the fact that the bishops nowhere state an alternative obligation indicates that one does not exist. Legal obligations do not exist that are not legislated.

This also is the understanding indicated in the Canon Law Society of America’s New Commentary on the Code of Canon Law. The commentary on canon 1253 summarizes the obligations and recommendations without indicating that a legal obligation to do penance continues to exist on typical Fridays of the year.


NEVER EVER during Lent on Fridays or Ash Wednesday. Outside of Lent you should not but if you do eat meat on A Friday you need to offer up another penance in its place.


Thanks for posting this. I think many people are misinformed.


Maybe these will help:


At my parish everyone makes the sign of the cross after receiving the Eucharist.


Well, there you go. Some places do, some don’t.


Even reading through this thread you’ll find things that aren’t quite 100% on par. :grinning: There’s also a difference between a rule/law (like fasting for an hour before Communion) and custom (Sign of the Cross after receiving - it’s great, but never actually prescribed anywhere).

People mix up when to bow their head (at Communion time, the Holy Name, etc) vs their whole body (creed). They mix up several other things, too. As a former Associate Pastor put it, the Church is designed for the ideal, but we’re human…:man_shrugging:

It’s supposed to come from the bishops’ conference. The USCCB prescribed bowing of the head just before receiving back in 2005-ish.


I guess some dioceses didn’t get the memo.


Interesting…I was taught the opposite on Eucharistic prayer: Look up and adore ( and yearn) at the elevation and bow when the priest genuflects.

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