Commuinon in Syraic Orthodox and Armenian Apostolic Churches

Out of curiosity I once asked a Syraic Orthodox priest if a Roman Catholic was permitted to partake of Holy Communion in his parish. His answer was yes with no qualifications. I asked the same question of an Armenian Apostolic priest and he also said yes, as long as the person believed that Holy Communion is the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

My question to the forum is this the general policy of both these churches?

I believe that both Churches have “Communion” agreements with the Catholic Church. I’m not sure where to find the official documents online anymore, but I remember reading them in the past.

So, IIRC, what the priests said represents the “official line” of their respective Churches (other Oriental Orthodox Churches have different policies, I believe). Incidently, the Catholic Communion also allows their Faithful to receive the Eucharist in Catholic Liturgies.

Peace and God bless!

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