Communion after confessing sin that calls to heavan for vengance?

I have comitted sin that calls to heavan for vengance. I will go to confession tomorrow. If priest doesn’t tell me to abstain from communion, do I still have to since it’s sin that calls to heavan for vengance?

If you sincerely confess all your mortal sins with contrition, and the priest gives you absolution, then they are all forgiven and you may receive Communion. That includes those that cry to heaven for vengeance.

As long as you are truly sorry and you receive confession you can go to communion afterwards.

Keep in mind true sorrow of sin includes many things. You have to have the intention of not doing again and intend to make reparation for it(for example giving back something you stole). You also have to have a supernatural motive to be sorry, i.e. offended God, you don’t want to go to hell, etc.

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