Communion and Penance

Hello, all, I recently went to confession, and the penance I received was to pray for a specific intention over the course of fourteen days. My question is whether I can receive Holy Communion in the meantime, or do I have to wait until the 14 days has elapsed?

I would think that if you intend to complete the penance, and are doing the penance, then you’re good to go!:slight_smile:

If you were absolved, you are forgiven. Absolution is not dependent on the performance of penance.

You may go to Communion without waiting.

Since one should normally have completed one’s penance before again approaching the sacrament of penance…in order to avoid amassing penance, which one is obliged to do…you can mention that you are in the midst of completing your previous confession’s penance, should you approach confession before the end of he 14 days. It is certainly to be considered atypical for a confessor to impose a penance that spans 14 consecutive days.

True. It’s an unusual kind of penance. Kind of a Lenten thing? I know one priest that gives a whole Rosary for a penance. Still doable the same day.

This was right after the start of the Year of Mercy. Advent 2015? I can’t remember exactly. The priest gave me the penance to pray for mercy once a day until Christmas Day. It was easy enough but did take a commitment. I had to add it to my daily prayer list to remember each day.

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