Communion Antiphons for memorias etc

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For a memoria, feasts and solemnities, where do we take the communion antiphon (assuming there is no proper one given)?



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Memorials, Feasts and Solemnities have their own proper antiphons. In fact, the disposable missalettes feature them in their editions. For example, you will find the antiphon for the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God, in your parish missalette under January 1, 2008.

Now, during Ordinary Time, it can get somewhat nebulous because the antiphons are taken from the corresponding Sunday. For example, when you see something like Tuesday from the 10th Week in Ordinary Time, the antiphons are taken from the 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time. However, the celebrant has the option, during Ordinary Time, to celebrate a votive Mass. He can celebrate a votive Mass for the Sacred Heart, the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Peter, St. Joseph or for any other occasion. Since the disposable missalettes do not have these options (some may have the Sacred Heart option for First Fridays), the celebrant will simply read the antiphons himself.

A good source for the antiphons (if you do not have missalettes) would be the monthly Magnificat. Just bear in mind that, if the celebrant opts to go with votive Masses during Ordinary Time, the antiphons in the Magnificat may not match what your priest will do.

Another thing to remember is that when the antiphons are recited, you do not have an Entrance hymn or a Communion hymn because the antiphons take the place of these songs.

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