Communion at 8?

I was wondering what the rules are and why the rules are different for the age of First Communion? .

I’m being baptized tomorrow night with my wife and my three children are being baptized on Sunday. My six year old says that he excited but he doesn’t understand why he can’t take communion until he’s 8. I’m the Salt Lake Diocese.

Thanks for any help you can give in answering this question. I find his questions to be the hardest. As of recently he’s asked - who made God, and why the trinity isn’t three Gods. These are kind of simple to answer… but regulations are a whole different story

6 years old is considered below the use of reason.

Can. 97 §1 A person who has completed the eighteenth year of age, has attained majority; below this age, a person is a minor.

§2 A minor who has not completed the seventh year of age is called an infant and is considered incapable of personal responsibility; on completion of the seventh year, however, the minor is presumed to have the use of reason.

Can. 914 It is primarily the duty of parents and of those who take their place, as it is the duty of the parish priest, to ensure that children who have reached the use of reason are properly prepared and, having made their sacramental confession, are nourished by this divine food as soon as possible. It is also the duty of the parish priest to see that children who have not reached the use of reason, or whom he has judged to be insufficiently disposed, do not come to holy communion.

One way to explain it to him might be that the custom in the Catholic Church is that children who are baptized before the age of 7 or 8 all make their “First Holy Communion” together as a class – so that the students who study religion together (whether at a Catholic school or in a parish CCD program) get to make their First Holy Communion together. It becomes quite the event, what with whole families gathering, and children all dressed up and excited, and the parish priest celebrating a Mass especially for the First Holy Communicants!

Exactly. It is better for him to have more instruction. We have the same thing occurring tonight. Two brothers are being Baptized, but they will wait and begin their Sunday school instruction together. They are disappointed, only because they feel like the other young students (one is 4th grade and the other is 8th grade) are getting a better deal. :wink:
But it’s all for the best in the long run. More education is best for ones so young.
Even so, I’m still, as DRE, going to have to insist that these 4 young ones stay in religious ed for their own good and the formation of their consciences. Most kids love formation classes anyway. They get to connect with their fellow Catholics and the service projects and instruction are really interesting.
Congratulations, and welcome!

There can be a difference from one diocese to another. In our diocese it is second grade so the kids are 7 or 8. There will be a different rule if children are being baptized at that age. In my own experience years ago we received First Communion in first grade, I was seven.

Welcome home! I also live in Salt Lake, and I believe too it’s the custom here for the children to receive Communion in a class such as CCD. Also, as the LDS religion has different beliefs in the Trinity, it may be easier for him to have questions answered in class with children his own age. Come visit our parish sometimes. At St. Therese in Midvale. Will keep you and your family in my prayers. God bless!

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