Communion at a non-Catholic Service


One of the teachers at my son’s Catholic school is teaching that it is okay for a Roman Catholic to take part in a communion service outside of the Catholic Church as long as he or she does not state “amen” after receiving. I believe this to be incorrect and would appreciate the code of canon law teaching on this issue.

This same teacher is also teaching that St Joan of Arc never really spoke to God and feels her canonization was an error by the Church. Why would she be teaching this? Thanks in advance for your response!


Are not cannonizations infallible? If my child had that teacher, I would be arranging a meeting with them to determine why this was said, and if not it cannot be resolved, then with the principal. Catholics are not to partake of non-catholic communions.

I gave the relevant canon on your other post. …and you were right, the teacher was “misinformed”. As far as St. Joan. . .well, I guess this teacher is yet another one of those “wolves in sheeps’ clothing” who has her own little agenda in “teaching”. . .report, in order, to DRE, pastor, bishop, and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, if necessary. It is time for us to stop the madness BEFORE it starts. . .because if left unchecked, these students are going to be those “faithful Catholics” who 10, 20, 30 years now are going to be telling THEIR children and teaching THEIR communities this wrong teaching.

To borrow from a 1970s film, let’s all stand up and, (altering the tag line slightly), say. . .

We are mad AT HELL and we are NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

I believe this to be incorrect and would appreciate the code of canon law teaching on this issue.

Wouldn’t it be a sin against the fifth commandment(scandal)? Please read #2284-2287 of the Catechism:

That teacher has no business teaching religion at a Catholic school. She is wrong on both counts.

Since Vatican II and the loss of teaching Nuns Catholic religious education has gone to Hell.
Catholic parents have to watch what their children are being taught more than ever befor.

Sounds like what some of my Catholic family members have been told somewhere along the line… I probably would have come to the truth of the Catholic Church a long time before now if it wasn’t for the fact that the Catholic side of my extended family totally does not understand some of the basic principles of the faith…

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