Communion at a Protestant church


Is it okay to take communion at a Protestant Church (bread and cups of grape juice) not for the purpose of receiving communion, and knowing why it’s not a substitute or anything, but eating it to be polite, just as bread and juice, nothing more


No, I believe it’s a sin to take communion anywhere else if you’ve already had your first communion in the Catholic Church.


No, a Catholic cannot receive communion at a Protestant church…


As others have said, it is not ok. Whether you privately don’t intend for it to signify anything, it is by its nature a public act that does signify something–something that isn’t true.


They are correct, you may attend being ecumenical but taking their version of the eucharist is a very grave sin.

You may also attend their events if need be.

These include:

  • Celebrate recovery

  • Divorcecare

  • Festivals


I’m going to a Protestant Church for an assignment for my confirmation class. Is that ok? What should I do and not do?


That is perfectly fine. My heart beats with happiness to know we are receiving another confirmed catholic in the church. You will soon be a soldier of Christ.

Be ecumenical, meaning, respect the common brotherhood/sisterhood of fellow Christians.

  • Do not: ignore your teachings and accept their reasoning to disown your knowledge if presented (but will unlikely occur)

  • Do not: accept their version of holy communion

Otherwise, you should be just fine. God be with you!


First off your bread and cup of grape juice is insulting. Secondly depending on where you go there are different rules for everyone. The LCMS we practice what’s called close communion. Only confirmed members of the LCMS, LCC and AALC May take communion.


NO because just receiving communion there you are saying with your actions that you believe what they believe and as a Catholic you should NOT!


Your Catholic confirmation class has asked you to go to a Protestant Church service? And this class didn’t offer instruction about not receiving communion? That is worrisome.


They said we had to go to an “other faith” thing, we get information later but I’m doing it early. I’m sure they will address it


OP may not be “up to date” on what Protestant Churches call their communion. Sure they didn’t mean it to be insulting to you particular group.


I’m talking about totally metaphor communion, not Protestants that have consubstantiation. The Protestants I’m talking about are non denominational and think of communion as just a reanactment of the last supper, nothing more


And that is a good reason for non-Catholics not to receive in a Catholic church.


I’m not aware of any communion that teaches consubstantiation. Lutherans certainly do not.


Yes. We as Catholics believe 100% that when we go up to receive Holy Communion we are NOT receiving a piece of bread WE ARE RECEIVING JESUS CHRIST Himself Body Blood Soul Divinity because that host was Consecrated by an ordained Catholic Priest by the authority of Jesus doing as Jesus did at the Last Supper. There is NO symbolism. WE RECEIVE JESUS. I don’t think many of our Protestant brothers and sisters even realize that.


Amen, but the doctrine of the real presence, the fact that we receive His true body and blood, does not mean there is not symbolism. John 6 has lots of symbolism.
But the point of my comment is that it isn’t just about the Eucharist. Receiving together implies agreement on doctrine broadly.


No, it is not. If you do, it’s like saying you agree with their beliefs and teachings.


Just an FYI about Protestant churches from a current Protestant: no one will likely be insulted if you don’t take communion. Actually, you may not even be there when they have communion, as many churches only have it every 4-5 weeks. Some are more frequent, but many I’ve noticed are on a 4-5 week spacing for communion.

In any case, if you are there while communion is happening, no one will likely be insulted if you abstain. Especially if they notice you are a visitor. I personally do not take communion when I am at another church because I am not always sure where the church stands on who can take it. Some churches have open communion (anyone can take), and some have closed communion (only people from that church, denomination, who are baptized, etc. can take). So even many Protestants abstain from communion when they visit other churches as a matter of prudence.

Just stay seated (if you move to get communion), pass the tray to the next person (if you notice the trays containing the crackers and little cups of juice are being passed down the rows), or politely shake your head when an usher comes to you.

So don’t worry. Stay faithful to what the CC teaches. No one will judge you or be insulted for not taking communion. :slight_smile:


Don’t do it. It’s a grave sin, whether the church goers believe its consecrated host or not.
They will likely understand why you didn’t take it, if they’re going to be offended, then that’s their own problem.

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