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A woman was at church today and received communion. She didn’t consume the bread but walked away and continued to walk down the isle , and right as she was about to consume it , the priest came after her and asked her if she consumed the bread. He was very loud and startled the woman. Is it wrong to not consume the bread right after you recieve it?


You’re supposed to consume it immediately.


Yes. It is.


The priest was doing his job.

You’re supposed to consume it immediately. You’d be surprised how many people try to remove the host from the Church.

In touristy areas like Rome or along the Camino it’s common for non-Catholics to want to take the host as a souvenir.


If the person is Catholic, I don’t understand why he/she doesn’t consume the host immediately. I am an EMHC and it’s quite a distraction as I would be looking at that person when he/she will consume it. We do instruct our alter servers or the wardens, if they are available, to ensure communicants consume the host orherwise they would ask them to. It may arise suspicion as to whether they are Catholics or not.

So to your OP, the poor priest - he had to chase that person.

While we cannot judge the communicants, we are serious about guarding the host if there’s obvious reason to suspect that it is being abused.


That is truly sad and Unbelievable.


I agree, taking home the Eucharist as a souvenir is awful! I can’t even imagine.


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