Communion During Easter Season

One of the precepts of the Church states that we have to receive Holy Communion at least once during the Easter season. Now, in many places there are no public Masses. Even in those places where public Masses are slowly resuming, many people, such as the elderly, are urged to not return yet. I don’t think any Bishops have officially lifted the precept to receive during Easter. Easter season is nearing its end (May 31).

What should we do in these times, especially those of us who are hesitant to receive in the hand?

Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

If you’re dispensed from Mass, you’re probably dispensed from that obligation. I have received communion during Easter season, since the Diocese of Charleston has resumed public Mass.

First, if you’re in USA then you have an indult allowing you to satisfy this from the first Sunday of Lent through Trinity Sunday. Most practicing Catholics received during the first couple weeks of Lent because the shutdowns didn’t start till mid or late March. So they already checked the box for this year.

Second, if you’re dispensed from Communion because of COVID shutdown then you’re dispensed from the obligation. The Church does not require you to do the impossible.


Thank you very much!

Obligations are suspended in all of the US.

Our Diocese is re-opening, and we are still in the Easter Season, so those who are in good health and wish to may now receive communion.

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