Communion during Good Friday service?

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My parish announced that during holy week, there will be the traditional washing of the feet service on Holy Thursday, and Good Friday, there will be a service at 7pm "Liturgy of the Word,’ “with communion.” I don’t ever recall going to a service with communion, on Good Friday? Before communion, there will be veneration of the cross…

Is your parish offering something like this?

It is normal for Catholic parishes to have the Mass of the Last Supper on Holy Thursday evening, and for veneration of the Cross and Communion on Good Friday at 3pm.

My parish, unfortunately, does not distribute Holy Communion on Good Friday. I say, unfortunately, because that’s the practice to which I am accustomed from my Roman Catholic upbringing. I will be attending the Mass of the Pre-Sanctified at a local convent instead.

They don’t have the Celebration of the Lord’s Passion or they simply omit Communion at that Celebration? If they simply omit Communion I’d be interested in knowing what the rationale is for that decision.

We have Mass at 1pm but no piano music, we sing accupaello. There is a big cross laid out on the altar, and we have veneration we can come up and kneel and kiss the cross, and we do have communion. We do not sing a gloria that is saved for Saturday vigil. We have the gongs from the organ and etc. It has been year I will have to write it all down this year. All I know is our choir director really knows what is going on and that is what I have to follow.:slight_smile:

It should be at 3pm but most parishes repeat it in the evening for pastoral necessity, i.e. most people are at work at 3pm.

We have Good Friday service in the evening, veneration of the cross and Communion service. Has been that way at every place we have lived since becoming Catholic :slight_smile:

I thought Good Friday was the only time where we didn’t have communion!! :confused:

Good Friday is the only day we don’t have mass because the Church believes that a re-presentation of the Paschal mystery on the day it is observed would be redundant. We still have a communion service… or at least should

ok…let me think this through…we go to church on Good Friday, but we don’t receive the Eucharist? right?..maybe i just got mixed up on what everyone meant by communion…

Yes, we receive Eucharist. The Hosts are the Ones consecrated during the Maundy Thursday Mass the night before.

I thought this also.

No, the rubrics for Good Friday include Communion.

Priest enters in silence and prostrates himself.

Liturgy of the Word**
First Reading
Second Reading
Gospel Acclamation
Passion according to John
Prayers of the Faithful (10 each followed by a prayer)

Veneration of the Cross

Communion Rite
Lord’s Prayer etc
Distribution of Communion with Hosts consecrated at the Mass of the Lord’s Supper last night
Prayer after Communion
Prayer over the people & Dismissal

I should know this, I suppose. Thank you, Phemie, this is exactly what was outlined, in summation, in today’s bulletin. :slight_smile:

This is what I’ve always experienced. Communion is reserved from the Mass on Holy Thursday.

This page from Creighton University describes the Good Friday liturgy.

The proper Liturgy of the Passion is celebrated using the form in the Book of Alternative Services of the Anglican Church of Canada. The rubrics therein allow for the distribution of Holy Communion from the Reserved Sacrament, but it’s not mandatory, or even common. (They also, unfortunately, allow for a celebration of the Mass, but I’ve never witnessed that option used). The service consists of the Liturgy of the Word, Solemn Intercession, and Meditation on the Cross.

Triduum is actually considered one service in three parts: Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Vigil on Holy Saturday. Thus the Good Friday service is Act II of a three Act service. One of the older names for Good Friday is The Mass of the Presanctified. The Consecration does not occur, but we receive the Presanctified Gifts in Holy Communion, reserved from the Consecration from The Mass of the Lord’s Supper the night before.

I’ve don’t recall ever seeing a Good Friday service without communion being distributed - albeit, as has been stated, pre-consecrated from the Holy Thursday Mass.

If possible Catholics should use a “PTO day” or a few hours in the afternoon, unless of course their job is a necessary one like a Police officer, Fire Fighter, Doctor, Nurse, Etc, and it’s not possible for someone else to cover for them.

Mass is not celebrated on Good Friday or Holy Saturday until the Easter Vigil at Sundown.

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