Communion Experience (Question)

Hello! I had a question for practicing Catholics; do you feel happier or better after receiving Holy Communion? Do you find it easier or have a greater desire to be virtuous? Or anything like that? I’m wondering because I do, and I was wondering if those were the graces of the Sacrament as referred to in the Catechism. (#375)

Thank you for replying, and God bless you.

Yes! And what a wonderful gift the Eucharist is.

Usually I do, though there have been times when I did not really “feel” anything different. But I also know that whether I have those feelings or not doesn’t change the fact that I’m receiving graces. :heaven:

I go to communion almost everyday. I never have any special feeling after receiving communion. Do I believe it makes it easier for me to be virtuous? Well, to the extent that I am virtuous, I would say that I have no doubt at all in my mind. But I suppose that is just an intellectual knowledge, not any special feeling.

It is a big mistake to trust our feelings and emotions. A visit from God after reception of the Eucharist is a gift. We should not expect gifts every day.

I know a man who is frequently visited after reception. He has exactly the opposite feeling - an overwhelming feeling of sorrow at the sins committed by the whole world. He is often brought to tears and sometimes doesn’t receive because it crushes him. That doesn’t mean that the Holy Spirit is not sanctifying his soul. Feelings of happiness are not a sign of sanctifying grace.

Sanctifying grace is an action of the Holy Spirit whereby we are inclined to sin less and practice virtue more. This does not come from ourselves but only by the action of the Holy Spirit on our souls. A good sign that we are being sanctified is an habitual, long term absence of anger and inclination to pray for those who hurt us but we can be mistaken about this too. A good spiritual director can help us know that we are on the right path.

And none of this happens without our cooperation. We have to cooperate with grace. The Eucharist isn’t a magic pill which makes us feel happy or makes us sin less. Many feel this way after reception and then go right back to sinning. Cooperation requires docility to the Holy Spirit. Modern western man is not taught to be quiet and docile. We are not good listeners.


Do I feel happy, peppy or good? Not particularly.

Do I feel deeply grateful and satisfied in knowing that I have communned with my creator? Absolutely!


Well I feel happy, peaceful, stronger, better generally after the Eucharist. Not always, but oftentimes. God gives us good things. The Resurrection was good.
Feelings are important; God teaches us via these & via our experiences.
It is true that today’s person is not brought up to submit without thinking for themselves, & God inspires the Church in a way that we can understand.

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