Communion Fast - Eating by mistake

I was planning on going to Mass shortly and had taken a smoothie and finished with a good hour calculated before I’d be receiving communion. However about 15 minutes later I accidentally took one more tiny sip, to finish it. I then realised it would be around 50-55 mins to communion.
Am I definitely not allowed to receive?

You do not have to receive Holy Communion at every Mass you go to.


I would not receive.


I think you’ll be more at peace not receiving. That way you won’t be looking at your watch the whole time and stressing out over it, etc. You can then just focus on Jesus, and commit to receiving the next time you are able.


Been there, done that. Go to the back of the Church and see if it works out to receive last. If not, just make a spiritual communion. Do not knowingly violate the fast.


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In answer to the OP, don’t forget that it’s nice to receive a blessing by Father or by an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist too. Just cross your arms so they know. :slight_smile:

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Excuse me canjun65 Can i please know how true is that?
second question have you read catechism?
you know why because i readed there we are suposted to take it alot of times that s why i am confused by that even

Ask your Priest and he would tell you and yes I have read the Catechism. Notice I said you do not HAVE to receive Holy Communion at every Mass you go to. Of course you should be in a state of Grace and should receive Our Lord when you can.


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@CajunJoy65 is 100% correct. You do not have to receive communion at every mass. No offesnse intended towards @sebo3e, as I have heard this question before, I still find it amazing there are Catholics who think they have to receive communion at every mass. Makes me appreciate going to Mexico where people are, if anything, overly cautious (if you can be) about receiving properly.


It might seem nice, but its completely unnecessary. We all receive a blessing from the priest at the end of mass.


OK, but I can’t help feeling like you’re being unnecessarily contrary in the context of this thread.

If I’m misreading you, then my apologies.

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Hello @sebo3e - we Catholics are only required to receive Communion once a year, during the Easter season.

Other than that, we don’t have to receive. What we have to do is attend Mass every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation.

Believe it or not, but Nuns used to have to get permission from their Spiritual Directors to receive ONCE a week! This lasted until approx the 1800s.

Now, today, we are encouraged to receive often. However, as I said before, we are only required to receive once a year, during Easter.



Technically, we are not supposed to get a blessing in the Communion line, and at some churches, they follow that rule.

The blessing at the end of Mass suffices.


I have done that exact same thing, and I just refrain from Communion.

We are also supposed to refrain if we have committed a grave sin.

So refraining because of breaking the fast reminds is that we shouldn’t think everyone who does not receive is in mortal sin.

Have to be careful with this. One should NOT walk up for a blessing when visiting a parish. Many priests do not like or know about the crossed arms thing.

I’ve seen guests walk up with crossed arms and have seen priests shake their heads to point for the person to keep walking.

Also, many priests don’t want their lay extraordinary ministers giving blessings. So when you walk up to an EMHC with crossed arms, you may confuse the EMHC or put them in an awkward situation (esp if Father doesn’t want them doing that).

So moral of the story - only walk up for a blessing if you KNOW the local priest encourages it.


Thank you for clarification and instruction. I did not realize it was a local matter. I retract what I honestly thought was helpful. I guess we can’t just take what our priests tell us as necessarily universal, when they don’t specify one way or another.

Not trying to be unnecessarily contrarian, just pointing out the facts if the matter.


I wouldn’t receive if I did that.

Rather than calculate when Communion would be, if you fast for an hour before the start of Mass, then it gives a bit of leaway for errors.

And as has been pointed out by others, we do not have to receive Communion at every Mass we go to. If we are not in a state of grace, or haven’t observed the Communion fast we should refrain from Communion. Say a prayer for an Act of Spiritual Communion instead. The St Alphonsus de Liguori Act of Spiritual Communion is good, I think, or you could make up your own.

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The priest can give the person a blessing, but Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are lay-people and I think they cannot bless people as they come up in the Communion line. I think they can say a short prayer or ask God to bless the person, but they cannot bless the person themselves. I think can sometimes be a bit of confusion about this.

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