Communion Fast observance

Greetings all,
I hope you would like to participate in a survey about the Communion Fast and personal practice. I am interested to know whether some Roman Catholics have modified their communion fast from the one hour minimum mandate established sometime in the last few decades, and whether Traditionalism is a factor in this decision. To make this more revealing I am asking Trads and non-Trads to take part.

I cannot engage in defining these terms, I believe that the normal reading and posting public can self-identify as Traditional-leaning Latin Catholics, or contemporary-leaning Novus type Latin Catholics. I assume everyone here is serious about good liturgy in whatever form.

I also would think that being a Trad is not determined by the availability of a TLM, but an overall perspective and attitude about the church. Many Trads worship often in NO parishes out of necessity, and some non-Trads will attend a TLM out of curiosity or occasionally for any number of reasons.

You will have to determine where you fit in this scheme.

This will be an anonymous poll.

Thank you all,

I am a Catholic. Period.
If I go to an early Mass eat my first meal after Mass.
If I go to a later Mass, I fast for at least an hour, usually more like 3, depends on my schedule. I am diabetic and if I need to eat, I eat.

Of course the results will probably reflect CA’s general orthodoxy, with a far higher percentage fasting 1-3 hours before than in the Church at large.

For me, I arrive at church 30m before mass, to prepare
(I am an MC) and pray. Then communion isn’t til 30m into mass, so I only have to avoid eating while at church and I am fine. :smiley:

I’m a Roman Catholic and do what the Catechism teaches.
What has traditionalism got to do with it ?

Interesting. I picked Latin, not a traditionalist, fast from midnight and so far it hasn’t registered it. Does it not show you your own vote?

Thanks for participating in the thread, bear. :slight_smile: But no, it doesn’t show individual votes.

I’m a Roman Catholic who fasts from midnight (for a 12:30 Sunday Mass :eek: )–actually from well before midnight–I can never stay up that late :stuck_out_tongue: . It’s not something I am scrupulous about unless it’s the obligatory one hour fast.

As for traditionalist versus not, I attend a Sunday TLM, I practice traditional pieties and devotions, enjoy more traditional art and music, and would be considered by most to be a traditionalist–but–it seems on this board I tend to always be presenting arguments against those who like to call themselves “traditionalists” :smiley: and since I’m not big on religious qualifiers for myself besides “Roman” and/or “Catholic” (or Christian too) I put my vote under “not a traditionalist.” :whistle:

Oh no, I didn’t mean individual votes. I voted and it didn’t register my vote right away. In fact, I got out of Catholic Answers all together, went back in and it still hadn’t registered it. I see a vote now so maybe that was me.


Nope it was me, but there was one vote before and it didn’t register mine. So you are seeing my vote, and I am seeing yours :smiley:

Well, there’s two now so if nobody else chimes in we’ll have to guess that it’s finally registering both of ours! :thumbsup:

An excellent question Tom.

I am sorry I have not made the intent more clear. As you may recall the church of the 1950’s stipulated a minimum 3 hour fast, and before that was a fast from midnight.

Assuming traditionalists are in favor of restoring and promoting older forms of the liturgy and public pieties, even to the point in many cases of using the older form of the Breviary instead of the modern LOTH, I was interested to see if this attitude has extended to personal preparation for the Holy Eucharist.

Naturally, adopting the older standards of fasting is 100% voluntary, officially the church requires a one hour minumum. However many traditionalist Latins are voluntarily adjusting their own personal practices in other ways, so I had wondered if it influenced this practice as well.


Try seeing whether the poll reads the same when you are registered as when you are not. When you are not registered the poll should reflect all votes because it does not know who you are.

It could also be that you needed to refresh your browser, at the confusing point the poll may have been pulled up from the cache instead of transmitted anew.


I am in favour of fasting for three hours prior to receiving Communion. The one hour fast seems very lax, and it is better spiritual preparation for me, if I hold to the three hour fast. Sometimes I fast from midnight, but not always.

Interesting - This is a subject I just wrote about on my blog.


I’m a convert from Protestantism to Eastern Catholicism. When Father gave me instructions I indicated that I was serious about seeking holiness. I don’t think that made any difference in his instruction to me but perhaps it made it simpler to explain to me that a Midnight to after Eucharist fast is standard. Since that is so that is what I do. It is a way to express my love for God. I have no trouble doing it.


The majority of the time I go to an early morning (7.30 or 8.30 am) Mass, or a noon or 1pm Mass.

Since I normally eat breakfast quite late anyways (9 or 10 am) and then no ‘lunch’ until about 3 or so, I guess I’d normally have fasted for at least two and possibly three hours, since I don’t snack much in the mornings.

As a Byzantine Catholic I follow the traditional Eastern practice of fasting from the time I go to bed in the evening (or at least from midnight) of the night before I receive communion.

I consider myself to be Latin traditionalist and recognize that the Eucharistic fast is a discipline that can be and has been changed from time to time.
If I am going to an early Mass, I simply don’t eat until later. If I am going to a later Mass or one that is a long way from home, I observe the one-hour fast. I have followed this even when driving to a neighboring diocese to a TLM that is late in the morning. I have a problem maintaining a sugar level and going more than eight hours without some intake makes driving dangerous for me. I know this is an excuse, and I don’t honestly know what the current fasting rule is for the TLM.

I fast from midnight onwards (or close to it) mostly because I go to bed soon after that time rather than adhering to any specific time table. I’ve been doing it that way for years. Otherwise, I really haven’t thought about the fast other than having to argue about when to observe it (before receiving Communion or before Mass starts) with my mother. And explaining it to someone who had returned to the Church and had read about the fast in the missal. (I was taught to observe the fast an hour before Mass started though I know it’s before Communion but still do it the way I was taught).

Fasting before communion is serious. DO IT.

Canon 919 §1 “Whoever is to receive the blessed Eucharist is to abstain for at least one hour before holy communion from all food and drink, with the sole exception of water and medicine.”

There’s no-one who’s indicated either on the poll or in any of the posts that they don’t.

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