Communion for Catholics who have had vasectomies.


Am I correct in assuming that a Catholic husband who has had a vasectomy cannot receive Communion?? If that is true, what is the remedy? Obviously, reversal cannot always be accomplished.


A vasectomy constitutes grave matter. For there to be a mortal sin, full knowledge of the gravity of the action and full and free consent to the action are required. Assuming that all three conditions are met and there is mortal sin, the remedy is the same as for any mortal sin: the sacrament of reconciliation, through which a person is restored to a state of grace and may again receive Communion. While the vasectomy itself carries certain health risks, the Church does not require that a sterilized man attempt to reverse the vasectomy because, as you noted, there is no guarantee of success. The reversal procedure may also carry other risks. But if a man has weighed the risks involved in both leaving things as they are and attempting to repair the sterilization, and decides that he desires to attempt a reversal, he should speak with his physician. He can also contact One More Soul for helpful information.

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